Multi-Cultural Classrooms Intensive

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Jul 23

Multi-Cultural Classrooms Intensive (3 Workshops in 1 day!)

Facilitating collaborative relationships within diverse student environments 

Tues. July 23, 10am-2:30pm, i104, Fennell Campus

Our College and classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse as we welcome students from around the world.  This offers many opportunities for learners as well as some identified challenges.  How do we effectively connect international students with their Canadian peers and why is this sometimes so challenging?

This 3 part series will address some of the issues that contribute to the challenging nature of integration as well as some practical strategies for supporting an environment where collaboration is the norm.

  • Workshop 1: Defining the parameters and significance of integration
  • Workshop 2: Best practices for inclusive classrooms
  • Workshop 3: Practical strategies for connecting students in the classroom

These workshops were offered separately in the fall and winter semesters and we are providing 2 different opportunities to attend all 3 in a one day intensive in both the spring and summer semesters!

Facilitators: Kelley Hoyt, Teaching & Learning Consultant – International in the Centre for Teaching & Learning; Carol Fleck, Program Coordinator, Business; John Holloway, Professor, Computer Science; Jamshed Turel, Coordinator, Music.

Register for July 23 session by July 18 @ 12pm

Questions? Contact Carol Fleck at carol.fleck [at]

This workshop is brought to you by the Centre for Teaching & Learning and Mohawk International departments.


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