Developing Quizzes in eLearn

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Oct 09

eLearn’s Quizzes tool is a comprehensive environment for the development of questions and the creation, publishing, grading, and management of online quizzes. Successful use of the Quiz tool can ultimately save Instructors time and effort, and frees valuable class time for other activities.

Participants will create various types of questions (including multiple choice, multiple select, matching, fill in the blank, etc.), import them into quizzes, and learn how to configure quizzes appropriately. Various ways to restrict quiz attempts (to a specific date/time, to certain locations, to certain sections or groups or individuals, or to a locked browser) will also be demonstrated.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have created a simple auto-grading quiz that shares the grade with a configured gradebook.

Facilitator: A. Connery


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D103 - Stoney Creek
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