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Feb 27


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At Mohawk, we work together - as allies - to make sure learning happens for our students, ourselves, and each other. With that in mind, we invite everyone to come together on February 27th from 9am - 1pm as Allies in Learning at CTLs first GIFT – THE UNCONFERENCE.

We’ll be creating an open space where you can share and explore great ideas, ask questions, address challenges, and formulate goals about the future.


What does our future look like?  How can we be ready for it?


Allies in Learning, GIFT – THE UNCONFERENCE is for you if you’ve ever:

  • Been to a conference where the most interesting things happen during the breaks?
  • Got great ideas about teaching from chatting to people in the hallways?
  • Wished you could make up the program for your own PD conference?
  • Wished you could share your ideas more with colleagues from other programs and areas?

This event will be an OPEN SPACE session.

An Open Space conference has no keynote speakers, no pre-announced schedule of workshops, no panel discussions.

The goal of an Open Space is to create time and space for people to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda is set by people with the power and desire to see it through, and typically, An Open Space can result in transformative experiences for the individuals and groups involved.  

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, February 27th from 9am-1pm.

Bring your friends and colleagues.


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Fennell Campus A222
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