Working in Content and Manage Files in eLearn

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Sep 19

The Content tool is considered by many to be the most important and powerful tool in an eLearn course; it serves as the principle access point for course resources, it can include links to external resources and to activities within your course- Quizzes, Dropboxes, Surveys, etc.- and it allows students to monitor their completion progress.

The Content tool works together with Manage Files, which defines where course files are actually stored. Depending on your upload methods, and as courses grow over time, Manage Files can become a confusing and hard-to-manage jumble of files and folders. This workshop identifies a number of best practices for the uploading, storing, and sharing of resources in eLearn. With a bit of effort and understanding, your Manage Files will be organized and predictable, and your Content modules and topics will be easy to navigate for your students.

Facilitator: A. Connery


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D103 - Stoney Creek
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