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Mar 07

Once a month this year, Mo’ Money is hosting a DIY lunch Station on the Fennell campus. We’ll provide the food, you pick what's on your plate! We’ll even have some fruits & veggies on hand to make it a balanced meal. This time around, we're serving brunch!

Get to know who and what Mo’ Money is, what kind of events are coming up, and make an appointment with the Money Coach while you’re there! We’ll also have some cheap and easy recipes out for you to pick up and take home with you to continue your journey in frugal, healthy eating.

Thursday, March 7 
MCACES Lounge F114

Registration not required, but if you'd like a reminder, please fill out the following form and we'll send you an email the day before the event!

Please remind me about the brunch!

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MCACES Lounge (F114)
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