Eid- Dialogue & lunch event

Poster saying Eid mubarak, which means Happy Eid
Aug 14

The Language & Culture Centre invites you to experience the cultural and religious significance of this holiday celebrated among Muslims all over the world.

Join us for a presentation followed by Q&A and lunch (while supplies last).

Date: Wednesday,  August 14th 12-1pm.

Location: C123, Fennell Campus

This is a free event and all are welcomed. 

Eid al-Adha is the second of two Eid holidays celebrated in Islam every year. While the first Eid is known as the "Festival of Breaking the Fast" or Eid al-Fitr, the second one is known as the "Festival of Sacrifice". 

The religious meaning of this date is traced back to Prophet Abraham, who showed a willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail but had his son spared and replaced with a lamb by Allah (Arabic word for God). This four-day religious holiday also corresponds with the height of the Hajjthe pilgrimage to Mecca all financially and physically-able Muslims are called to do once in their lifetime.

 Culturally, Eid holidays are celebrated by Muslims greeting each other saying Eid Mubarak, as well as exchanging gifts, sharing food and giving back to those in need.

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