Situational Leadership (For Managers)

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Jun 13

How do you adapt your leadership style to different situations? How well do you navigate between delegating, participating, and telling to get the best results from your team?

Situational Leaders demonstrate the following critical competencies:

  • Maintain an acute awareness of their innate leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Conduct highly effective coaching conversations by understanding when a particular leadership style has a high probability of success and when it does not
  • Skillfully influence up, down and across the organization by knowing when to be “consistent” and when to be “flexible”
  • Create more productive teams/organizations by accelerating the development of individuals that are new to their role and/or are learning a new task
  • Develop engaged, committed employees by effectively recognizing and proactively addressing the dynamics of performance regression
  • Effectively drive behaviour change and business results by communicating through a common, practical language of leadership

This session will be facilitated by the Centre for Leadership Studies.

The session is only open to managers of Mohawk College and we kindly ask that you obtain your manager's approval to attend prior to registration. 

To register please email professionaldevelopment [at] 


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