Producer Roshini Thinakaran: How to Make It In Film - Friday Film Recommendation

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May 21

Social Inc, in collaboration with the Library, is hosting Friday Film Recommendations.

All Mohawk College students have free access to this film through the library catalogue.

This week:

“Producer Roshini Thinakaran: How to Make It In Film" 

"Roshini Thinakaran is a filmmaker with National Geographic. Her focus is on regions devastated by war. Through her travels she has met women who are dedicated to moving on with their lives, supporting their families and rebuilding their homelands. Women at the Forefront is Thinakaran's film project, which reveals a strong women's movement—born of oppression and hardship—happening all around the world."

Watch "Producer Roshini Thinakaran: How to Make It In Film" here.


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