Co-Curricular (CCR) Faculty & Staff Workshop

Approved Co-Curricular Record Activity
Nov 19

CCR Faculty & Staff Workshop

Understanding Co-Curricular Record

To offer outstanding CCR options and opportunities to Mohawk students is an important commitment. We encourage all Faculty and Staff to join us for CCR workshops aimed at ensuring our programs are all rewarding and effective.

WORKSHOP: What’s a CCR? And, what’s my role in the CCR process?

Learn everything there is to know about Mohawk's Co-Curricular Record programs.

In the workshop, we will cover:

  • How to apply for a position or activity to be included in our CCR program
  • How to find and identify good CCR opportunities
  • The importance of Learning Outcomes
  • The role of the validator
  • The importance to students

For further information, and to rsvp email andrea.brienesse [at] (subject: CCR%20Staff%20Workshop) (andrea.brienesse) [at] (subject: CCR%20Student%20Drop-In%20Sessions) (


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R106 (Fennell - DBARC)
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