Thriving In Action: Finding Balance & Self-Advocacy

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Mar 21

This workshop provides students with strategies to develop balance among their many priorities and responsibilities. Students will learn more about how to communicate professionally: how we speak what we need, how to navigate the often hidden ‘rules’ of postsecondary in a thoughtful and professional way, and how to engage in social media in a healthful, balanced, and intentional way.

About Thriving In Action

Improve your capacity to bounce back when things go wrong. This 10-week program teaches a combination of positive psychology and holisitc learning strategies to equip you with the skills and resources to improve well-being and academic success. Each week brings you something a little different to help you thrive at Mohawk! 

Workshop dates: March 21 | March 28 | April 4


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The Health & Wellness Centre (C109) - The Wellness Hub
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