Mario Kart DUI

[Image description: Infographic titled “Mario Kart DUI”. This text is laid out on the middle bottom of the image. On the left side of the graphic is a pink Yoshi character driving a green motorcycle. Behind the pink Yoshi is a yellow caution sign which reads "DUI Checkpoint Ahead". On the ride side of the image is the Dry Bones character with swirls drawn in around his head.]
Mar 22

Players ready, (impairment) goggles on!

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs both pose serious risks -- they can impair your reaction time, focus, peripheral vision, and more. Join the Health Promotion Team will in residence to learn about lower risk alcohol consumption with Mario Kart DUI Tournament! Test your knowledge, suit up with impairment goggles, and race to win a number of prizes!

Choose your ride in the game and in life - make sure you plan ahead and always drive sober.

Brought to you by The Health & Wellness Centre.


How it works:

  • No registration required, just drop by!
  • All players must complete a lower risk alcohol consumption quiz. Quiz results determine your impairment level. The better you score - the lower your impairment.
  • Suit up with your impairment goggles and race against other students to win a number of prizes!

Event Details

Mo's Lounge - Residence Building
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