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Jan 18

Study Smart Mini-Workshops are 20-30 minutes long and are offered twice each week - on Tuesdays at 11:00am and Wednesdays at 12:00pm. You are welcome to attend any or all workshops! 

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Tuesdays at 11am
Wednesdays at 12pm

College Resources

Learn about the services and resources that can support you at Mohawk College

Tues Jan 18 at 11am

Wed Jan 19 at 12pm

Learning Strategies

Explore learning and studying strategies that are effective, and which common strategies are ineffective

Tues Jan 25 at 11am 

Wed Jan 26 at 12pm

Note Taking

Review different note-taking methods, including how to take notes virtually using OneNote

Tues Feb 1 at 11am

Wed Feb 2 at 12pm

Growth Mindset

Learn how to develop a growth mindset and how having a growth mindset can benefit your studies

Tues Feb 8 at 11am

Wed Feb 9 at 12pm

Studying & Test Taking

Explore tips to improve your studying and test taking skills, and how to manage test anxiety

Tues Feb 15 at 11am

Wed Feb 16 at 12pm

Unlocking Your Success: A Reading Week Workshop

Join this interactive workshop designed to prepare you for success!
Explore our most popular and effective study strategies including:
Growth Mindset, SMART Goals, Note-Taking, and Prioritization. 

Tues Feb 22 at 11am


Wed Feb 23 at 12pm

Healthy Habits

Learn how sleep, exercise, and nutrition contribute to a healthy you!

Tues Mar 1 at 11am

Wed Mar 2 at 12pm

Boosting Your Productivity 

How building new, positive habits can increase your motivation and reduce procrastination

Tues Mar 15 at 11am

Wed Mar 16 at 12pm

Setting SMART Goals

Learn how to create SMART goals in order to improve your focus and keep you on track

Tues Mar 22 at 11am

Wed Mar 23 at 12pm

Studying & Test Taking (repeat workshop)

Explore tips to improve your studying and test taking skills, and how to manage test anxiety

Tues Mar 29 at 11am

Wed Mar 30 at 12pm



For attending any Study Smart Mini-Workshop, 1:1 Tutoring Appointment, Live Pomodoro Study Session, or virtual Escape Room, students will be entered to win one of the below prizes. Every attendance earns you an additional entry! There are two groups of prizes to be awarded at mid-term and end-of-term.

Winners to be Drawn once on Monday February 28 and again on Friday March 31!!

  • $50 Walmart Digital Gift Card
  • $50 Tim Hortons Digital Gift Card
  • $50 Indigo Digital Gift Card
  • $50 Winners/Marshalls Digital Gift Card
  • $100 Surprise Digital Gift Card


*Eligible winners must be current Mohawk College students and will be notified via their Mohawk College email address


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