Updates on Faculty Contract Negotiations

December 13, 2021: Update on faculty contract negotiations at Ontario Colleges

Dear Students:

As you may have heard through reports in the media or on social media, the College Employer Council and the union representing the 13,500 faculty, counsellors and librarians at Ontario’s community colleges have not yet reached a new collective agreement.

This past weekend the union held a strike vote to allow faculty to vote on whether or not to give their union the authority to call a partial or full work stoppage. Faculty voted 59.4% in favour of giving the union the authority to call a strike. While the union now has the authority to call a strike, it does not mean a strike will happen, only that it is a possibility.

If there is a strike, the timing would be determined by the union. The union is required to give five days notice of a strike, and we would immediately share this information with students. It is also possible for the union to begin some other form of job action that does not immediately include a full work stoppage. At this time, we do not have details about what any job action could look like.

We recognize that students will be concerned about the possibility of a strike and will have many questions. To help, we have created a special website to answer commonly asked questions and to provide updates from the college and the College Employer Council as new information becomes available.

No one wants a strike to happen and we remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached to avoid any work stoppage. Right now, the best thing you can do is to remain focused on your studies. We will keep you informed as the situation develops.


Ron J. McKerlie
President & CEO, Mohawk College