50th Anniversary New Program Offer FAQ

  1. What programs are eligible for this offer?
    Students who accept offers in the following new programs for the Fall 2017 term are eligible for the $1,000 tuition reduction offer.

  2. If I change my mind about my program or coming to Mohawk this year am I able to put this money towards a different program or term?
    The offer is not transferable to other programs or terms and is not refundable.

  3. How will this offer be applied to my tuition?
    The offer will be applied to the student account following payment of your tuition deposit as a reduction of $500 the Fall 2017 semester and the remaining $500 as a reduction to the Winter 2018 semester. There are two conditions that must be met for this offer to be applied to the account:

    a) Acceptance of the offer of admission by the offer expiry date
    b) Payment of the tuition deposit by the deposit due date on the fee statement.

  4. I also received a bursary, can I apply that to my tuition?
    Bursary funds are deposited to your College account.  The money can be used to pay outstanding tuition and fees.  If there is money left, you can request a refund.  Bursary funds are repayable if you withdraw from your semester.

  5. What happens if I withdraw from the program?
    This offer will be revoked on withdrawal from the program.  On withdrawal after the 10th day of class, this offer will be revoked and full fees will apply for the applicable term.

  6. Will this offer be available next year?
    Unfortunately, the 50th anniversary special offer for select new programs is part of the college’s 50th anniversary celebration and is only be available to students starting these programs in Fall 2017.

  7. Why are students in these programs receiving this offer?
    These programs are new to Mohawk College for the Fall 2017 semester. As part of Mohawk’s 50th anniversary these programs were selected for this limited time offer to put towards tuition. If you have accepted an offer in another program you may be eligible for an award, scholarship or bursary.

  8. I’ve already accepted an offer am I still eligible for this offer?
    Yes, this offer is open to all students who have applied to these programs starting Fall 2017.

  9. Is there any way I can defer my acceptance and still receive this special offer?
    This offer is available for a limited time only and we will not be able to provide this offer in future terms. You may qualify for an award, scholarship, or bursary. Learn more about how you can apply.

  10. What conditions need to be met to receive this award?
    All applicable policies and terms apply. The student must be and remain in good standing with the college with regard to fees, code of conduct.