Add items to the locker in eLearn

Step 1: Log in eLearn

Step 2: Select the Locker option from the My Tools dropdown menu

The Locker option is in the dropdown menu after you select My Tools.

step three locker

Step 3: Adding a file to the locker

To add a file to the locker select Upload Files.

step four upload

Step 4: Adding a file continued

Select the Upload option and then browse to the file you want to upload.

When the file has been uploaded select the Save option.

step upload continue

Step 5: Your file now appears in your locker

Once you have uploaded your file it will appear in the list of files that you already have, or as the only file if you have never used the file locker before.

step six new file

Step 6: Deleting a file from your file locker

Select the file you want to delete and click delete Confirm if you want to delete the file.

step seven delete

Step 7: Log Out

Always remember to log out and close the browser

eLearn logout