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Is there a cost to recruit Mohawk co-op students?
No, there is no cost to recruiting a Mohawk College co-op student. The Co-op Department is there to help you facilitate the hiring process. We will post your co-op position for free, send you the resumes and assist you with setting up interviews.

Are there any employer incentives for hiring a co-op student?
The Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) is a refundable tax credit available to eligible employers who hire students enrolled in a co-operative education program at either an Ontario college or university. The CETC is based on the wages paid to a co-op student and the maximum credit for each work placement is $3000 for a four month work placement. The following link provides more details as well as links to the CRA website outlining how an employer would apply for the tax credit.

What are the steps to hiring a co-op student?
Please refer to the following link for detailed instructions on how to hire a co-op student.

Are co-op students available for full time or part time work?
When a student is out on a co-op term, they are available for full time work. Students must complete a minimum of 420 hours in a four month work term to qualify for a co-op credit.

When can I start recruiting and interviewing for a co-op student?
Please refer to the following co-op calendar link that will provide the job posting and co-op interview dates for each co-op work term.

Are co-op students paid?
Yes, co-op students work full time for employers for up to one year so the expectation is that the co-op position will be a paid position. Please refer to the following link for average pay rates for each co-op program.

Who do I contact for more information?
You can view the list of Co-op Specialists and the programs they are associated with.