CE Financial Assistance FAQ

Visit the Financial Assistance Options for Continuing Education Students webpage for full details on the types of assistance available and how to apply!

What kind of financial assistance is available for Continuing Education students?


  • Donor-Supported Awards/Bursaries – Donor & Ministry matched funded awards
  • Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) – Ministry funding for internationally trained professionals currently enrolled in a Ministry approved training programs for Continuing Education students.

    OBPAP UPDATE: OBPAP funding has not been confirmed for 2018/19 so the application will not available at this time. If funding is approved, an update will be posted on this web page.
  • Institution-Funded Special Bursary (IFSB) – Mohawk College approved funding for Continuing Education students completing their first eligible post-secondary certificate or diploma.


  • Faculty Selected Awards – Donor funded awards, determined by Department or Faculty are usually awarded at the end of an academic year. No application is required. These awards are based on academic merit and/or alternate criteria.


You can receive only ONE Donor-supported award/bursary per academic year (September 1st to August 31st).

If I am a recipient of any alternate financial assistance, can I still be considered for an award?

Award bursaries are based on financial need. If you have received any alternate financial assistance, this may have covered your course registration expenses and you may no longer show a requirement of financial need.

Can I apply with a paper application?

Our current application process is done by completing the online application(s).

How do I complete an online application?

Visit the Financial Assistance Options for Continuing Education Students webpage for full details on the types of assistance available and how to apply!

What do I need to submit if I have never attended Mohawk College before?

Students applying for the Donor-supported awards/bursaries must provide prior academic record showing a grade point average (GPA). Students can submit one of the following:

  • High school transcript
  • Alternate post-secondary transcript
  • Mature student testing from Mohawk College

Students who have attended Mohawk College before and have indicated this on their application do not need to submit their academic record.

Why do I need to provide an award application letter?

Awards are determined by specific criteria that the donor has suggested. To ensure that the recipient meets the required criteria, additional documentation or information is required. Include the name of the awards you wish to be considered for in your letter. A letter composed by you, the applicant, with detailed information of why you would be a good candidate for an award assists in determining the successful recipient.

How do I find out if I am to receive an award?

You will be notified of the status of your application through your MyMohawk email address (student number [at] mohawkcollege.ca). 

If I am a recipient, how do I get my award funding?

All award funding will be applied to your Mohawk account and will be used towards paying any outstanding balance on your student account. Any possible refunds will be issued via cheque and mailed to your address after the third week of the course start date and as long as there are no "HOLDS" on your account.

What happens if I withdraw?

Students withdrawing from the course(s) of which financial assistance was received are expected to return the funding.

Why can I not apply for Faculty Selected Award?

Faculty Awards are generally scholarship awards which are determined at the end of an academic year of study. Generally, no applications are required as academic Departments and Faculty determine the recipients.