Child and Youth Worker FAQs

How Do I Apply?

Download the part-time CYC application and submit your original transcript to the address provided. Applications for Diploma programs will not be processed until an original transcript has been received by our office. We do not accept photocopies or scans.

What are the Application Requirements?

Visit the Admission Requirements section of the webpage.

How will I know if I've been accepted?

The Continuing Education Office will notify students via e-mail when admission decisions have been made.

When will I get more information?

All students who apply and are accepted will receive more information in an acceptance letter. If you have any questions sooner, contact our by email cecommunity [at]

How long is the program?

It is recommended students complete 2-3 courses in each of the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer semesters and 3 courses and some field work concurrently it is possible to complete this program in 4 years.

What if I need longer or want to complete sooner?

Students who are unable to complete 3 courses per semester need to be aware that as per the Program Promotion and Graduation Requirements Policy (opens PDF, 56kb), to be eligible for graduation, students are expected to demonstrate mastery of current competencies outlined in the Program of Studies applicable at the time of graduation. In cases where study has been interrupted or a Program of Study has been updated to reflect industry standards, the College may require a student to repeat a subject area.

What is a Program of Studies?

The Program of Studies - commonly referred to as 'POS' - indicates all the courses required to graduate with a specific credential. However, through Program Review, a POS may change to reflect Ministry mandates and industry updates. Visit the Program of Studies section of the web for details on the current CYC POS.

How do I register for courses?

Registration usually opens 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Once open, students can register in person or by email using this form (opens PDF, 160kb). Registrations for core courses in this program require special approval and cannot be done online.

How much does this cost?

Part-time students pay on a per-course basis at the beginning of each term. If a student is registering for the recommended number of courses per semester, they can expect to spend approximately $1100 per term. However, course costs do increase over time and semesters where field placements are registered for will be more expensive. 

Is there any Financial Assistance available?

Students should review the CE Financial Assistance webpage and contact a Financial Advisor directly about bursary and loan opportunities for part-time students.

How can I apply for an Exemption?

Students who have taken courses similar to those in the Program of Studies at Mohawk College or another academic institution may apply for an exemption to receive credit for the course(s). Exemptions are processed online after students have been accepted to the program. A valid student number is required. It is recommended that students have successfully completed at least one core course prior to applying for an exemption. Note that exemptions are granted by the individual academic area. For more information, check out the Course Exemptions page to read more about the exemption process.

Can I get credit for Prior Learning/Experience?

Students who have experience inside and outside the traditional classroom, in volunteer and work settings, are eligible to receive credit for their learning. Credit for Prior Learning is processed after students have been accepted to the program. A valid student number is required. Visit the Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition page for more information.

What are the Placement Requirements?

There are two very extensive field placements in this program. Field Internship 1 (WORK10136) is 448 and works out to the equivalent of 4 days per week for 14 weeks. Field Internship 2 (WORK10137) is 504 hours and works out to 5 days per week for 14 weeks.

Can I select my own agencies for Placement?

Students may not contact schools themselves. Once a student is registered in a field placement course, the Field Placement Coordinator/Program Manager will notify the student regarding their placement opportunity. Students are then required to interview at the agency. Additional paperwork must be completed, signed, returned, and approved before placement can officially begin.

Will I get Hired?

Some Mohawk College graduates are hired by agencies in which they have completed a placement after building great relationships with the staff and managers. For details on graduate employment rates, review the Graduate Employment Report webpage.

What services are available to me during my studies? Counseling? Tutoring? Career Advising?

Continuing education and part-time students can access many services through Mohawk College. Details about Accessible Learning, Dispute Resolution, Library and Technology Support, Resume Writing, etc. can be found on the CE Student Services webpage. 

How do I apply to Graduate?

Learn how to apply by visiting our Registration and Records - Applying to Graduate page.

When is the graduation ceremony?

There are two convocations ceremonies each year: June and October. Part-time diploma students can participate in either one, depending on when they complete their studies. All students must register by the deadline to apply - April for the June ceremony and August for the October ceremony. Once applied, all students are responsible for ensuring their name appears on the list prior to convocation. More information is available on the Preparing for Graduation webpage.