CSEP Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSEP?
The Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) aims to connect students with meaningful real work experience on campus. The same standards and requirements are expected from the student/employee and the supervisor as exist in other work environments.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for CSEP?
To be eligible for a CSEP funded position, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Entering or returning to Mohawk College in a full-time post-secondary program
  • Have good academic standing
  • Demonstrate financial need by submitting an online Financial Assistance Profile 

What types of positions are available through CSEP?
There are a number of positions available that reach across a number of areas throughout the College. Positions may be available in departments such as Computer Labs, Student Residence, Peer Tutoring, Athletics, Student Life, Student Services, Corporate Services, Library, and Academic areas. Most positions are flexible around the student's timetable and it's recommended you find a position in an area that is related to your field of study.

Do I have to apply for the Financial Assistance Profile to be eligible for CSEP?
Yes, CSEP positions are intended to support students who demonstrate financial need and so applicants would be required to complete an application.

If I am a full-time student and drop below 60% course load, am I still eligible for CSEP?
No, you must maintain a 60% course load per term.

There is a department that says they will hire me if I am approved for CSEP but if I was not approved, what can I do?
As we have a limited amount of CSEP funding, it is not unusual for areas not to be approved for a position or there may be cases where a student doesn’t qualify based on financial need. You must be approved through CSEP before you can work as a CSEP student. In this case, there are other ways to explore other part-time employment opportunities including these resources: Student/Graduate Employment and Community Employment Services

Once approved for CSEP, am I guaranteed a job?
No, there are no guarantees. Notices regarding available positions will be posted on the CSEP website. You are also subject to on-campus departments finding your skills and experience acceptable for the position.

I was not approved for CSEP this semester, where else can I find a part-time job?
If you have not been able to find a position offered through CSEP, there are a number of different areas for students to look for part-time employment opportunities including Student/Graduate Employment and Community Employment Services.  If there is a department/service area where you are interested in working in you can inquire directly to them to see if there are any available positions.

How does CSEP affect my OSAP ?
Students must report all other sources of taxable and non-taxable income expected during the study period (e.g. employment income).

How many hours can I work per week?                                                                                                                                                                                    CSEP students can work up to 15 hours per week in the Fall and Winter semesters and up to 35 hours per week in the summer (if they are returning to full-time students for the following Fall semester).

Where can I get help with my resume?
It is recommended that students utilize services within our Student/Graduate Employment area.

I was approved for CSEP last year, do I have to re-apply again this year?                                                                                                                              Yes, all students must apply to job postings and domestic students must re-submit a Financial Assistance Profile application.