CSEP Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSEP?
The Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) aims to connect students with meaningful real work experience on campus. The same standards and requirements are expected from the student/employee and the supervisor as exist in other work environments.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for CSEP?
To be eligible for a CSEP funded position, a student must meet the following criteria:

Can students have more than one contract?
No, students cannot have more than one contract per semester.

What is the rate of pay?
Minimum wage.

Are Second Career Students Eligible for CSEP? 

Are Part-Time Students Eligible for CSEP?

What types of positions are available through CSEP?
The Summer 2021 Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP) has shifted gears and will now be offering virtual Student Ambassador job opportunities for students studying full-time in the Summer or those who will be returning to full-time studies in the Fall. Student Ambassadors will develop relationships with prospective and current students by phone to gather information, answer questions, and promote what Mohawk has to offer before starting their program in September. 

Student Ambassadors will be provided with the training and equipment necessary to work remotely; Ambassadors will not be working on campus.

Do I have to apply for the CSEP - Financial Assistance Profile Application to be eligible for CSEP?
Yes, CSEP positions are intended to support students who demonstrate financial need and so applicants would be required to complete an application.

If I am a full-time student and drop below 60% course load, am I still eligible for CSEP?
No, you must maintain a 60% course load per term.

I was not approved for CSEP this semester, where else can I find a part-time job?
If you have not been able to find a position offered through CSEP, there are a number of different areas for students to look for part-time employment opportunities including Student/Graduate Employment and Community Employment Services.  If there is a department/service area where you are interested in working in you can inquire directly to them to see if there are any available positions.

How does CSEP affect my OSAP?
Students must report all other sources of taxable and non-taxable income expected during the study period (e.g. employment income).

How many hours can I work per week?
CSEP students can work up to 15 hours per week if studying full-time in the summer and up to 35 hours per week if they are returning to full-time students in the fall '21 semester.                                                      

Where can I get help with my resume?
It is recommended that students utilize services within our Student/Graduate Employment area.