Download Microsoft Office 2013 from Office 365

Microsoft Office 2013 is the recommended version for student use at Mohawk College as it is the version currently being used in classrooms and on all college computers.

Step 1: Sign in to your Mohawk College Email

Step 2: Click "Office 365"

office365 bar

Step 3: Click "Other Installs"

other install button

Step 4: Click the drop-down arrow beside Office 2013 and then the "Install" button

install button

Step 5: Save and run the downloaded file

After saving, open the downloaded file (in your download folder) and choose run.

save file button

office install button

Step 6: Office will begin installing in the background

office installation in background

Step 7: Choose from recommended settings or no thanks

office install options offered

Step 8: When you see this screen - you are done!

Installation completed page

Step 9: Log Out

Always remember to log out and close the browser

logout button in office