Math Learning Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses offered through the Math Learning Centre the same as those offered in day school?

Yes, any Math Learning Centre course with a number identical to a college course is the same. You receive the same credit as you would with a day course..

What books do I need for my Math Learning Centre Continuing Education course?

All required resources are on eLearn. Textbooks are not required.

Where do I hand in assignments?

Assignments are handed into the Math Learning Centre, room C122, Fennell Campus.

How do I book tests?

In person or over the phone. You must know the module you wish to write and should have your assignment completed. Tests must be booked at least 2 business days in advance.

Where do I write my test?

All tests are written in room A124, Fennell Campus.

What is the weighting of my test to my final mark?

Each test is weighted equally. There are no final exams for MLC courses and assignments do not count towards your mark.

What happens if I miss a test?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a test, you must do so at least 2 business days in advance. After 3 missed testing dates, you will need to speak to a Marking Professor.

How do I get an extension?

Extensions are not granted for MLC courses as students have more than 4 months in which to complete the module assignments and tests.  In the mandatory orientation, students are advised of this and strongly encouraged to proceed through the module materials on a weekly basis so that they do not fall behind.  To confirm, the end date of the course is the end date of the course.


What are the Marking Professors hours?

Marking Professors are available in the MLC Monday-Thursday from 6pm-9pm.