Music Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Former TNMS pupils and brand new pupils from the community are welcome to apply.

How does Tuesday Night Music School work?

TNMS lessons take place over a 10- to 12- week period. An optional Recital is held in the final week.

When and where will the lessons be held?

Every Tuesday for ½ hour between 4:00 and 6:00p.m. at the Fennell campus of Mohawk College.

How much does it cost to take TNMS lessons?

The cost is $100 per semester, due on the day of your first lesson. Payments can be made by post-dated cheque or money order payable to Mohawk College. If you wish to pay before your first lesson, you may send your cheque or money order by mail to:

Tuesday Night Music School c/o Music Dept. Office F146

Mohawk College, 135 Fennell Ave

Hamilton, ON L9C E05

Why are the fees for this program so low?

This low, non-refundable fee only covers administrative costs involved. It is not paid to the Student Instructor or their Faculty Supervisor.

What instruments are taught?

We usually offer drum set, voice, guitar, piano, theory of music, bass, brass and wind instruments, but that is contingent upon Mohawk students’ availability. (Note that the list of instruments offered is subject to change.)

Do I need to provide my instrument?

Yes, we regret that we cannot provide practice facilities. Students must have their own instruments or regular access to an instrument.

Who teaches these lessons?

Second and third year Applied Music students at Mohawk College, under the supervision of a faculty member.

What if I am ill on the day of my lesson?

Legitimate reasons for absence will occur from time to time. Make sure that you have your teacher's home telephone number, so that you can give sufficient notice of absence. In an emergency, the number at which messages may be left is 905-575-2144. Please note this number is for emergencies only.

Please note: Parents are respectfully reminded that the Department of Music Studies cannot supervise children when not actually in their music lessons. Please do not leave children unattended, before or after their lesson time.