Parking Gate Transponders at Fennell Campus FAQs

How does the transponder work?

The transponders work automatically with radio-frequency identification (RFID) and will lift the gate within an approximate range of 15’. Each transponder has an individual code linked to your valid permit and is activated by the Parking Office. All permit types are subject to availability.

Where does the transponder go?

Attach your transponder to your windshield. The suction cup design allows you to reposition the transponder if needed and transfer it between registered vehicles. You may register up to two (2) vehicles per permit registration. Please provide up-to-date vehicle and license plate information to the Parking Office.

What are the benefits?

Your transponder is hands-free. No fumbling for a gate card or rolling down your window during bad weather. The automatic gate openers will also reduce wait time during rush hour.

Will I have to pay for my transponder?

Existing Preferred permit holders will receive a transponder at no charge until January 1, 2016. Waiting lists, please see #7.

Will I have to replace the batteries?

No. Your transponder is powered by lithium batteries with up to 10 years of unlimited use. Permit holders will be required to replace expired, damaged or lost transponder for $35 +HST. (Transponder fees are non-refundable.)

What if I damage/lose my transponder?

Permit holders are responsible for the replacement of damaged or lost transponders at a cost of $35 +HST.

I’m on a waiting list for Preferred. Will I get a transponder if I move from General into a Preferred lot?

Yes. All Preferred lots require a transponder for entry. Permit holders on a waiting list will be required to purchase a transponder after January 1, 2016. New registrants in Preferred will be required to purchase a transponder upon registration.

Will my old gate card work at the new gates?

No. Your old gate card will not work at the new gates. The transponder is the only access method accepted at the gates.

I sometimes take a different vehicle to work. Can I get another transponder?

No. Only one transponder is available per permit holder. You may register up to two (2) vehicles per permit registration. Remember to transfer your transponder to your alternate vehicle.

Can I use my transponder to access another Preferred lot?

No. Your transponder will only work in the lot in which you have registered a permit.

I need to change my vehicle registration information. Where can I do that?

Email the Parking Office with your personal information and banner ID, and the make, model and license plate number of the new or secondary vehicle. There is a limit of two vehicles per permit and a limit of one permit per person.

What if I park in the General lots? Will I need a transponder?

You will not require a transponder if you park in General lots.

Does the transponder work at the IAHS Campus parking gates?

No. IAHS Campus parking is managed by McMaster University.

Will Stoney Creek Campus permit holders require a transponder?

No. There will be no gates installed at Stoney Creek Campus at this time.