Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of FREE one-to-one Tutoring can I access?

3 hours per week (2 hours maximum per day); unlimited drop-in, group, or open labs.

How far in advance can I book a tutoring appointment?

Appointments must be booked online at least 2-7 days in advance

Where do I meet my tutor?

  • At Fennell: C122
  • At Stoney Creek: Check In at Student Life - Room A125
  • At McMaster: Check In at Student Life - Room 112

All tutoring must take place on campus

How do I book with a tutor in my program?

  • Use the Limit to function to filter by course name/code, to select a tutor in your subject/program area.
  • Visit the Learning Support Centre @ Fennell [C122] for assistance

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Textbook
  • Notes
  • Laptops
  • Other necessary materials
  • Come prepared! Tutoring sessions are not designated time to start an assignment.

What will my tutor help me with?

  • Review your homework
  • Work through sample problems
  • Explain concepts
  • Prompt you through steps and let you know when you've made a mistake.
  • Offer suggestions for studying and preparing for tests.
  • Tutors will NOT do your homework assignments for you.

How do I cancel an appointment?

  • 4:00 PM the day before your appointment

             Call: 905-575-1212 ext. 3279
             E-mail: lscpeer.tutor [at] (
             In person: LSC (Room C122)

  • Two cancellations after 4:00 PM the day before your appointment may result in suspension of booking ability for the remainder of the semester.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

  • You must show up within 15 minutes of your start time or it will be marked as a no-show.
  • Two no-shows will result in suspension of your account for 1 week. Any future missed appointments or late cancellations will result in bookings being prohibited for the remainder of the semester.

What happens if my tutor has to miss my appointment?

  • Every effort will be made to notify you, as soon as the information is available.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee another tutor will be available for their time slot.
  • We do our best to post cancellations for drop-in/group tutoring in the Learning Support Centre or on our website.

What happens if I can't find a tutor for my course/program?

  • Please contact or visit us.  We can assist you in the matching process.  
  • Subject to demand; we cannot guarantee you will be seen by a Tutor.  Please be aware that the primary focus of the Peer Tutor Program is to provide tutoring in the first year subjects. There are no guarantees that a Peer Tutor will be available for your subject.

Reminder: You are responsible for your work and final grades. Please refer to the college’s Academic Honesty Policy (opens PDF, 476kb).