Field Placements for Current Students

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Gain hands-on experience

Field placements provide Mohawk students with industry relevant experience in an unpaid work placement.

Photo: Mohawk student, Whitney: "That's a wrap of Season XIII of Dragons Den!"

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Mohawk College offers 31 programs with a Field Placement, allowing students to get hands-on experience before they graduate. 

On our Field Placement pages, you will find information for current students, employers, and community agencies. Search by viewing the program themes below.

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Communication Arts Field Placements

Explore Communication Arts Resources »


  • peter.maurin [at] (subject: Broadcasting%20Radio%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Broadcasting - Radio )
  • Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media
  • wesley.beckett [at] (subject: Graphic%20Design%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Graphic Design)
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • scott.kenney [at] (subject: Creative%20Photography%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Photography - Creative )


Communication Arts General Resources

social service worker


Community Services Field Placements

Explore Community Services Resources »


  • anita.okeeffe [at] (subject: Brain%20Disorders%20Management%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Brain Disorders Management) 
  • denae.wiebe [at] (subject: Career%20Pathways%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Career Pathways)
  • deanna.aikens [at] (subject: CICE%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE))
  • Child and Youth Care
  • sue.nadwodny [at] (subject: Child%20%26%20Youth%20Worker%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Child and Youth Worker )
  • Concurrent Disorders
  • Educational Support
  • [at] (subject: Expressive%20Arts%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry%20) (Expressive Arts)
  • anita.okeeffe [at] (subject: Mental%20Health%20%26%20Disabilities%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Mental Health & Disabilities Management)


Community Services General Resources

mohawk recreation therapy students


Health Field Placements

Explore Health Program Resources »


  • Autism and Behavioural Science
  • joanne.smith12 [at] (subject: Health%2C%20Wellness%20%26%20Fitness%20-%20Field%20Placement%20Inquiry) (Health, Wellness & Fitness)