How to Apply for Scholarships and Bursaries

It is important to complete the online MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile each semester you will be attending full-time.

  • Completing this application every semester will include you in reviews for financial assistance and award reviews.

The MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile is available prior to the beginning of every semester and will continue until the add/drop date 10 days after the semester start.

To be included in reviews you must be registered in a full time course load, have demonstrated academic success in your last semester or be a new student to the college (new students may be requested to submit prior academic records)

    Before you begin:

    Your MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile will request a budget and a letter. By preparing your budget and your letter prior to starting your submission it will assist you in completing the application.

    Use our Budget Form to prepare your budget

    Your letter should include: (Click to access Letter Helpful Tips on completing your Letter)

    • Introduction - Introduce yourself, your program name and your goals.
    • Body of letter - Why do you think you qualify for an award? Tell us about yourself.
    • Conclusion - Show your appreciation for being considered and include how receiving assistance will help you with your educational goals. 

    You will be requested to submit the letter electronically as part of the application. Guidelines on preparing and saving your letter are in our Letter Helpful Tips.

    • If you do not submit a letter with your online application it will restrict your eligibility to be included in reviews for awards and other funding.


    What Happens Once You Submit:

    After you complete the online application you can Preview your submission and save or print a copy for your records. Once you submit the application you will receive an email confirmation from the submission to the email you provide in the submission. Keep that confirmation for your records.

      If we require Supporting Documentation:

      Awards and financial assistance are determined by specific criteria. Additional documentation or information may be required to determine if you meet the required criteria.

      Remember the MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile will include you in all available reviews. If we need to know more information Financial Assistance/Awards will request at your MyMohawk email only.

      • It is your responsibility to check your MyMohawk email address for notifications about supporting documentation you are required to submit.
      • You MUST provide the requested supporting documentation by the requested submission deadline. Carefully follow the instructions in the email you received.
      • Failure to submit supporting documentation will result in elimination from further review. 

      Reviews are ongoing throughout the semester. As a review is completed students will be notified. If you have not received an email, you are still in the process of being included in reviews. You will receive a final review notification when all reviews are finalized.