Dealing with Financial Uncertainties (COVID-19)

In Mo’ Money we know that money can be a major stressor for many people. This is especially true for students who may be facing financial uncertainties during the COVID- 19 outbreak.

Please continue to visit this page for continuous updates on our upcoming workshops, and updates on the financial resources available to support students during this time.

  • Please contact momoney [at] (MoMoney) for any questions and financial literacy supports.
  • Please contact financialassistance [at] (subject: Financial%20assistance%20info) for matters relating to OSAP, Awards and other financial supports.
  • Visit the Mohawk College Covid-19 webpage updates.

We have created a list of online financial resources, contacts and supports for students who may be facing financial instability and uncertainty at this time. Financial management webinars, tools, tips, resources, 1:1 supports, articles and much more.

As we continue to fight through the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to help students who are financially struggling to access financial relief has never been greater. Freely available, Benefits Wayfinder offers students four ways to search for benefits:

  • Selecting 'Starting Points' generates a quick list of suggested benefits for people in specific groups (e.g., newcomers) or life phases (e.g., lost my job)
  • Completing the brief 'Questionnaire' provides a list of personalized benefits
  • 'Browse all benefits' lets you search for benefits you already know about
  • Selecting benefits you are already receiving lets you explore related benefits.

For students who may need more assistance, the 'Help' feature provides a list of agencies in your community that can help connect you to government benefits, including help to complete benefit applications and to file your taxes.

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