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Part-Time Canada Student Loan

Apply at the Ontario Student Assistance Program's (opens new window) website

Part-Time Canada Student Loan (PTCSL) or most commonly known as Part-Time OSAP provides assistance to students studying on a part-time basis.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person
  • You are taking from 20 to 59% of a full course load
  • Your program of study is at the post-secondary level (degree, diploma or certificate program)
  • Your total family gross income falls below the applicable maximum based on your family size.

Part-time OSAP Process

You will be given two documents from the Financial Assistance Office to get your funding:

  • your part-time funding certificate
  • a part-time loan agreement form

You need to:

  • read the terms and conditions
  • complete the two forms
  • sign and date them
  • bring the documents to a designated Canada Post outlet
  • show two pieces of valid identification:
    • a Social Insurance Number (SIN) card or government document with your SIN number on it such (e.g., Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada or a Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment)
    • a photo ID issued in Canada by the federal, provincial or territorial government (e.g., Canadian passport, Ontario photo card or a valid driver’s licence)
  • the Canada Post outlet will send your certificate and loan agreement to the National Student Loans Service Centre

If you can’t go to a designated Canada Post outlet

If you can’t get to a designation Canada Post outlet, mail your part-time funding certificate (with your signature on it), your completed part-time loan agreement and photocopies of two pieces of your photo ID issued in Canada (see above) to:

National Student Loans Service Centre
PO Box 4030
Mississauga ON L5A 4M4

Review deadline: Your financial aid office must receive any review request no later than 6 weeks before the end of your study period.

For more information, visit the OSAP (opens new window) website.