Mo' Money Guest Speakers

Money Monsters with Aseel El-Baba

We all deal with issues that sabotage our relationship with money. Meet Aseel El-Baba, Financial Therapist and CEO of Conscious Economics, as she addresses a stressful topic. In this keynote, Aseel will be addressing this taboo in a fun way by introducing you to your very own Money Monster. You will gain some awareness on how you think and feel about money, which ultimately alters how you behave and spend. Aseel will also provide you with some tips to walk away with to start developing healthy habits to foster financial health.

Connect with Aseel El-Baba via LinkedIn and watch the latest post from Conscious Economics on YouTube.


Living a Financially Healthy Life

This workshop will help you develop a healthy attitude toward money. Learn how to control your money by setting goals and budgeting. It will help you develop a plan for a healthy financial future.

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Financial Life After College

This video is a presentation for students leaving college. It covers OSAP repayment options, savings, debt, and wealth building.

Banking for International Students

This video playlist of three videos is designed for International Students and covers what you need to know about banking in Canada as well as credit cards, GICs, loans, and more.

Budgeting Basics

Join our Money Counsellor as she walks you through some basics on budgeting. This video also covers; goal setting, needs vs. wants, tracking your money, as well as how to build a budget.


Money 101 for Newcomers with Richard Haggins

Credit Canada counsellor, Richard Haggins, led this Mo' Money workshop teaching students the basics of Canadian finances. While geared to newcomers to Canada, this workshop is helpful for everyone. He talks about banking, investments, building and managing credit, managing finances, and protecting yourself from fraud.