One-on-One Money Counselling

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Because money is worth talking about!!

Our Goal is to help you achieve your education, career and financial goals! An important part of achieving those goals is understanding how to manage your money wisely.

What is Money counselling?

Money Counselling helps you gain clarity on your current financial situation and money habits. 

A Money Counsellor helps you make important financial decisions with confidence, giving you the tools and resources to develop critical financial skills and money management habits that will help you get your finances in order and build the foundation to have a healthy relationship with money now and in the future.

In this one-on-one discussion with a certified financial counsellor you can talk about your goals and money concerns. Some of the topics we can cover in the meeting are:

  • How to create and follow an achievable budget
  • How to improve your cash flow 
  • How to pay for your post-secondary education
  • How to use credit and credit cards
  • How to deal with your debt
  • How to create a saving and investing strategy
  • How to improve your credit score
  • How to set S.M.A.R.T financial goals

We can answer your questions and give you the knowledge and skills to help you develop new financial habits or improve the old ones.

Money can be stressful and is hard to talk about but working with a Money Counsellor can really make a difference. Click the button below to get free, personal and confidential support from a certified financial counsellor who can help you develop a financial plan and prepare for your future.


I loved how much of a safe place it was and how comfortable it was to talk about money. I loved Aseel's presentation and how much information on finances she taught us.

Money Monsters Workshop attendee '21


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