Apply for Full-Time OSAP

Completing your OSAP Application

Students approved for OSAP funding are responsible to pay the minimum deposit in order to confirm registration. Your deposit is not paid by OSAP. All students are responsible to ensure their tuition is paid in full by the deadline date noted in the Student Fee Statement.

For a detailed explanation on how to apply for OSAP please visit How to get OSAP (opens new window)

Step 1: Apply for OSAP

Apply online – it’s the fastest way. You can start your application and come back to it. It will stay on file for 45 days from the last time you accessed it. Just remember to submit your application by the deadline date.  The application is available online at (opens new window).

It's important to be accurate. Any changes you need to make after you submit your application need to be done through the Financial Assistance Office.

Make sure to have your Ontario Access Number (OAN) (opens new window) and Social Insurance Number (opens new window).
(If this is your first time to apply for OSAP, you will be given your OAN at the time of application).

Resetting your Password

OSAP has made their documents password-protected to protect the highly confidential information that is on those pages. You use your OSAP login password to open the documents. Your login password may not work to open the documents if it is longer than 12 characters. In that case, use only the first 12 characters of your password.

Note: If you do not have a SIN card, proof of SIN for OSAP purposes includes: SIN card (or photocopy), CRA Notice of Assessment, GST/HST assessment, Child Tax Benefit, Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions or receipt for a new SIN card from Service Canada. (T4, T1, T5 forms are NOT accepted)

Know if you plan to study full- or part-time

You need to apply for OSAP as either a full- or part-time student.

Full-time students = taking 60% or more of a full course load.

Part-time students = taking 20-59% of a full course load.

Students with a confirmed permanent disability:

  • 60%+ of a full course load = full-time student
  • 40-59% of a full course load = either full- or part-time student (you choose)
  • 20-39% of a full course load = part-time student.

Canceling an OSAP application

You can cancel your application if you submitted one for a school that you will not be attending.

If you’ve submitted it already: you can cancel it online or contact your financial aid office. To cancel a paper application, contact your financial aid office.

If you’ve not submitted: you can cancel it online.

Check your application status Online

As soon as you submit your application, status information is available online. If you’re a full-time student, you can also check your status on your smartphone.

OSAP will send you email reminders about any changes.

Full-time students

You can get an email reminder to let you know:

  • a change has been made
  • information is incomplete
  • how much money you’ve qualified for
  • how and when you will get your money

Grant Only Funding

You can request a review for grant funding only. The Request for Grant Only Funding form is available to you through a link on the funding summary in your OSAP application.

If you select this option, you will receive grant funding only and the loans will not be released.

If you make the request before we confirm your enrolment for the first term, you will only receive grant funding and not receive any loans for the academic year.


If you requested paper notifications from OSAP, it could take a few weeks to reach you — online is faster.

To change your preference for OSAP notifications: log in and update your profile information through “Email & Correspondence Options” on the left navigation bar.

Step 2: Submit your Supporting Documentation

Consents, Declarations and Signature Form

  • Print and sign (in black ink) all required areas of your and parent(s)/spouse/common-law's (if required) Consents, Declarations and Signature Form. You can also request that the Ministry mails the documentation to you.
  • Upload the signed form(s) online or submit to the Financial Assistance Office or Student Services Office at any Mohawk College Campus. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Other Supporting Documentation

  • Any additional required supporting documentation (ie. a marriage certificate, proof of parent(s) income, proof of dependents etc..) should be uploaded online or submitted (photocopies) to the Financial Assistance Office/Student Services Office at any Mohawk College Campus.
  • Additional documentation will be listed under the "View App Details" of your online OSAP application.


Talk to your parent(s) and/or spouse – they may need to provide information

On the application, your parent(s) and/or spouse may need to:

  • provide their personal information (e.g., name, address)
  • state their annual income
  • sign a declaration and signature page

Definition: Common-law relationship

Know which of your parent(s) will provide information on your application

If you are a dependent student and your parents are married or in a common-law relationship with each other, both of them must provide information on your application.

If you are a dependent student and the parent you currently live with:

  • has remarried or is in a common-law relationship: the parent you live with and his or her spouse/common-law partner need to provide information
  • is not remarried or in a common-law relationship: only the parent you live with needs to provide information

Definition: Dependent student

Step 3: Notice of Assessment/Entitlement

Once the application has been processed and your financial need is assessed, you will receive a "Notice of OSAP Assessment." The "Notice of OSAP Assessment" outlines your entitlement for Canada Student Loan and/or Ontario Student Loan funding. You may receive a "NIL assessment", which means that your resources appear to be sufficient to meet your allowable educational costs.

Interaction with other Government Support Programs

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

If you are in receipt of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), or if your spouse or common-law partner is in receipt of ODSP support, OSAP will cover only your direct educational costs, including tuition, compulsory fees, books, supplies, equipment and local travel costs. This calculation will be done automatically when you apply for OSAP.

Ontario Works (OW):

In most cases, if you are receiving support from Ontario Works and are eligible for full-time OSAP, your OW support will stop. Please talk to your Ontario Works caseworker for more information.

Employment Insurance, Second Career, CPP:

If you are receiving Employment Insurance (EI), Second Career, or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) support, you will need to declare that as income on your OSAP application. OSAP can act as a “top-up” in these cases if the OSAP calculation deems that more support is required.

Please be aware that recipients of either ODSP or Ontario works must present the OSAP assessment summary to their caseworker.


Step 4: Confirmation of Enrolment

Your OSAP funding will be deposited into your bank account 5-10 business days after your enrolment is confirmed by the Financial Assistance Office.

  • You must be registered as a full-time student (at least 60 percent course load or minimum 40 percent course load if you have a documented permanent disability)
  • You must not have a "hold" on your student account
  • Your OSAP funding will be released in two installments - 60% will be released at the beginning of your study period and the remaining 40% will be released for the final semester.

Step 5: Update your Income

OSAP verifies income

OSAP always verifies:

  • your income information
  • your parent(s) and/or spouse’s income

If the information on your application differs from Canada Revenue Agency records, your OSAP could be re-assessed.

If this happens:

  • your next installment of money could change
  • you could have to repay the money you’ve already received (called an overpayment) before you can receive more OSAP funding

Full-time students: you can update your income again before the second term starts. You will get an email to remind you and tell you how to do this.

Parents or spouse who have not filed an income tax return

You will be assessed based on the income information provided on your OSAP application.

After they file their income tax return(s) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your OSAP will be reassessed.

If they do not file a tax return with CRA (e.g. they have foreign income), documentation will be required to prove their income before you can be considered for 30% Off Ontario Tuition and/or an Ontario Student Opportunity Grant.


New Electronic Identity Verification and Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) Process

Loans for applicants requiring an MSFAA

Effective April 3, 2018, in order to receive student loan/grant funding, new applicants requiring a Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) will be required to follow a two-step online process. 

For information on how to complete your MSFAA, click here.


For more information, visit: