The Agency - Call for Submissions (Start-ups)

When reviewing submissions from new businesses, we judge the appropriateness of each application based on a number of criteria. They are evaluated on the following:

  1. Value of the student learning experience
  2. Appropriateness of the project in terms of scale, content, required resources and timing considerations
  3. Alignment with the multi-disciplinary AGENCY mandate
  4. Alignment with Mohawk College priorities
  5. Integration with current curriculum and the academic year
  6. Potential for future student job placements, field placements or internship opportunities

With all selected projects students are required to perform under close faculty supervision to meet or exceed the stated objectives of the client. Applicants should understand that the services provided are rendered to the highest standards but should not be construed as that of independent commercial enterprises.

It is critical that successful applicants commit to making themselves readily available to student teams during the course of their project to ensure effective communications and that relevant deadlines can be met.

Please complete the following with as much detail as possible to provide a clear understanding of your company and its business/marketing communications needs. This will enable us to make a fair appraisal of your application.


Representative Contact Information:


Company Profile:


Product/Service Profile:


Services Required/Requested:

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Check the services you require:


Additional Information: