Advertising Program - Employer Evaluation of Student Form

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Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Program

Please return before the last day of the work term.

Your evaluation of the student's performance will allow the student to assess the success of his or her work term. Your observations will also be of assistance to us in further counseling of this student. 

This form should be completed by the individual who is in the best position to evaluate the student' training, work, and attitude. It would be helpful, and is expected, for this person to discuss the evaluation with the student. 

Students are always interested in learning their supervisor's assessment of their performances and are anxious for constructive criticism. We know from experience that your counseling can be most beneficial to their professional development, particularly in direct personal contact. Please note that we encourage you to share this evaluation with the student in a meeting face-to-face. Your submission will be forwarded to the student by email upon submission.

Your assistance and support in this Field Placement Program is sincerely appreciated.