Fall My Mohawk Financial Profile 2019


Welcome! Your profile could help you get $$$!

Please read the following important information:

The MyMohawk Financial Assessment Profile for the Fall 2019 semester will be available starting August 15th until September 20th, 4:30 pm. 

**International Students can now complete this application to be reviewed for available International awards for the current semester for any award where they meet the criteria.

** Domestic Students will be included in reviews for available funding including awards for the current semester for any funding where they meet the criteria.

  • Reviews for available funding will continue throughout the semester.
  • Before you start this application make sure you have your application letter prepared in a .pdf file format. Need some help, use our Helpful Tips to create your letter. 
  • You will be required to upload the letter prior to submission of the application. (if you do not upload a letter it will restrict you in the types of reviews you can be included in)
  • IMPORTANT - make sure you have completed your budget for the upcoming semester. Your expenses will be requested for a month time frame. Your resources may be either by month or by a semester (4 month period). **Ensure you have the correct totals prior to completing this profile.
  1. If you require any adjustment on your submission you must complete a new profile application. Financial Assistance will not update or change your original submission amounts.
  2. For your online application to be considered you must be registered in full time status for the upcoming semester as per Ministry guidelines. 
  3. Domestic students can be reviewed for financial assistance support if your budget submission demonstrates financial need as calculated by the Financial Assistance Office. The FA Office will include all available confirmed resources. You may be contacted for confirmation or proof of claimed expenses. 
  4. If you have attended Mohawk previously and have not demonstrated academic success in your last active semester you will not be supported. 
  5. If you are supported with funding and then decide to withdraw or reduce your course load to below full time status up to the end of the semester, you will have all support funding rescinded.
  6. It will be your responsibility to return all rescinded and issued funding. If required 'Holds' and a charge may be placed on your student account. 

Make sure to check your Mohawk email address regularly for updates. 

  • You will be notified to the outcome of your submission.
  • Reviews will be ongoing for the duration of the semester. As the funding reviews are completed the determined recipients will be notified at their MyMohawk email. It is the student's responsibility to monitor and respond as requested
  • Failure to respond to notification or requests may result in your MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile application being removed from possible review and potential loss of funding.
  • Academic success in your previous semester or previous academic record is required to be included in reviews.

Financial Assistance contacts students at their MyMohawk email address. Students completing and submitting their MyMohawk Financial Assessment Profile application are responsible to read and review all messages from Financial Assistance. Students inquiring about their MyMohawk Financial Assessment Profile application submission must send their inquiry from their MyMohawk email account. Students can indicate if they do not want to receive emails from Financial Assistance but notifications or updates to MyMohawk Financial Assessment Profile application submissions will not be sent to an alternate email address.

All information submitted with a MyMohawk Financial Assessment Profile will be kept in strictest confidence and can only be disclosed to the student applicant via their MyMohawk email.