Human Resources Management Graduate Program Student Field Placement Agreement

In recognition of my responsibility to successfully complete this field placement, I agree to observe and adhere to the following:

1.    I am an ambassador of the program and of the College, hence I will be professional at all times. I also recognize that while on this work term I will remain a registered student at Mohawk College subject to all the College's rules and regulations.

2.    I understand that I am responsible for all of my own costs during my placement (meals, internet etc.)

3.    I will report to work every day, on time, and will work the hours specified by the host organization.

4.    I will adhere to standards of professional conduct and will keep all information that I am privy to confidential during and after my placement.

5.    If I must be absent due to illness/injury, I will:
FIRST: Phone the host organization within one-half hour of  my normal start time. I will call in every day of my absence.
SECOND: E-mail my program coordinator, Nicole Vincic at Nicole.vincic [at] and provide name of host employer, reason for  my absence, estimated date of return, and a telephone number where I can be reached.

6.    If I sustain any injury on the job, I will immediately notify my supervisor and I will contact Operations Manager at (905) 575-1212 x 3695.

7.    If I encounter any problems on the job, I will try to resolve them with my supervisor. If I am unable to resolve the problem on my own, or if I do not feel comfortable doing so, I will contact my program coordinator, Nicole Vincic at Nicole.vincic [at]

8.    I will schedule any personal appointments outside of working hours. If this is not possible, I will discuss with my supervisor how I can make up the missed time.

9.    I will conform to all of the host organization's policies and procedures.

Please sign above.