Performance Class Self-Evaluation

To reflect upon how you evaluate your performance this semester, students are required to complete the self-evaluation form below for each ensemble they participated in. Your evaluation will be distributed to your instructor for their review.

Note: Some ensembles groups are not required to self-evaluate, if you are unsure check with your instructor or the Program Coordinator.


  • Presentable appearance
  • Respectful to the music & audience
  • On time for the set
  • Efficient use of time on stage, tuned backstage
  • Instrument out of case and setup beforehand
  • Sound check done in a timely manner and appropriate to the setting

Group Interaction

Engaged in the group as an active participant: visual cues, movement as appropriate, watching/awareness.


Audience Engagement

  • Visually involved and communicative within the group
  • Acknowledgement of audience/awareness of audience

Instrumental Proficiency/Preparation

  • Preparedness of material
  • Appropriate application of principles discussed in class

Submissions received after the specified deadline may not be considered.