PR Program - Portfolio and Interview Critique

Interviewer Critique
Evaluator Instructions:

1. Please interview the student as if he or she were applying for an actual position within your organization. You may choose your own questions.

2. The Interviewer Critiques for the Mock Interview and Follow-Up Communication are in the form of Rubrics, which provide you with the performance objectives at each level.

3. The interviewer critique for the Portfolio is based on your professional assessment of the portfolio presentation. Please provide comments and rate the student's presentation of the portfolio on a scale of 1-10. You do not have to read each and every piece in the portfolio.

Thank you for participating in this exercise.

Rubric for Interview (relevant to posting provided to coordinator)

Rubric for Follow-up Communication: Does he/she follow up with a thank you email or letter?

Presentation of Business Portfolio: You do not have to read each piece in the portfolio, but there should be enough pieces to show a balance (overall look and quality) of work. How the student presents the portfolio is important - confidently? engaging? talk too much?