Mohawk Mentoring - Mentor Application

I would be able to provide guidance to Mentees with (select all that apply)

Communication is the practice of skills related to exchanging information including: active listening, reading and understanding nonverbal cues, public speaking and professional writing. Effective communication promotes collaboration, creates successful relationships, partnerships, and builds trust while delivering results. Mentoring in this category may include navigating difficult conversations, adjusting to your audience, and enhancing your professional presentation and writing skills.

Development and Career Guidance
Personal development or the development of others requires time, effort and planning. Mentoring in this area will focus on enriching personal skills associated with your career aspirations, providing tips and suggestions related to the growth and development of self or others.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is the process of envisioning a desired future and translating this vision into achievable goals and objectives. Within the context of Mohawk College’s culture and community, mentors will share successful practices and knowledge around strategic thinking, big pictureOpe insight and execution.

Operational Insight
Mentors will share expertise in areas such as:  budget oversight, networking for service requests, Mohawk College processes, and procedures in order to assist mentees with operational efficiency and knowledge.

Mentees in new leadership roles, or who wish to transition to a leadership position will gain valuable insight into leadership styles and skills.  Mentors will share successful practices related to influencing and motivating staff, coaching, delegating, and driving employee engagement.

Please acknowledge your agreement with the statements below:

  • I understand that I will be required to participate in a Mentor Interview as part of the application process.
  • I understand that the Mohawk Mentoring Program involves Mentors spending a minimum of one hour every month with a Mentee for the 10 month duration of program.
  • I understand that I will be required to complete a Mentor Orientation session.
  • I understand that the Mentoring Program Manager will routinely perform quality assessments of the program and all participants for continuous improvement.
  • I understand that information shared between Mentors and Mentees in this program will need to be treated in a confidential manner.
  • I have spoken with my manager and have their approval to participate in the mentoring program.
  • I understand that I will be asked to complete a Personal Profile Assessment (DISC) which is a psychometric assessment tool, as part of this program.
  • I certify to the best of my ability that the information provided above is true and accurate, I understand the involved commitments, and I am interested in becoming a Mentor in this program.

Please note that the information above will be held in confidence and only used for the purpose of the mentoring program. Thank you for your interest. 

Please submit once and wait for the confirmation page.