Continuing Education Bursaries Application - Winter 2021


Please note that only winter CE Applications are being accepted at this time. 

​​​​​​​If you are applying for spring/summer bursaries, the new application will be available in early April.

By completing this application you will be reviewed for possible funding through Institution-Funded Special Bursary (IFSB), Bursary for Continuing Education Students (BCES) and Continuing Education Awards.

Before you start:

  1. Set aside 25-30 minutes to complete this application (once you start the application you cannot save and finish later)
  2. Gather any financial information that may help you calculate your monthly expenses/income
  3. You will be required to upload all requested documentation once you submit this application. Upload instructions will be sent to you via the confirmation email once this application is submitted
  4. You will need to complete and submit a Continuing Education Registration Form online or compete your Continuing Education Registration Form and e-mail it to cereg [at]
  • If you are paying by credit card and have paid for your course selections, your online application will be reviewed and if approved you will be emailed with details to possible refund after the third week of class.
  • If you are not paying for the course registration you must submit your completed Registration Form at least 10 days prior to the start of your chosen course. Reviews are completed when all supporting documentation is submitted for review. If approved email communication will be sent confirming any financial support.

Students applying with less than 10 days remaining prior to the course(s) start date will have to register for the course(s) and pay the full registration fee.

The application will be reviewed if all supporting documentation is submitted within the 5 business day deadline.  If approved for funding, a refund of any tuition payment will be reviewed after the 3rd week of classes.

Please Note: If you experience any problems while completing your application please contact ce-bursaries [at]

In the past, have you received assistance from any of the following? (Select ALL that apply)
**Check the type of funding you received for support to complete your current or previous education.
Will you be receiving assistance under any of the following during your current study period? (Select ALL that apply)
**Check the type of funding you are receiving for the current semester to assist with your education.