Work at the Learning Support Centre

Join the Learning Support Centre Team for Winter 2022

Join our team of Peer Tutors and PASS Leaders in the Learning Support Centre to assist fellow Mohawk students achieve academic success. This student leadership opportunity will help develop your professional skills in an academic environment.

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As we return to campus in Winter 2022, we will be offering both in-person and online services.

We will continue to follow Public Health guidelines to determine our service delivery options and will provide updates as they become available.

Work at The Learning Support Centre as a Student Leader!

Our Student Leader positions include:

(*All job descriptions download as Word files)


  • A preference of 80% GPA or higher (all students encouraged to apply)
  • A minimum of 80% or higher in courses willing to support (85% or higher for PASS)
  • Be entering their second semester or higher
  • Respectfully able to engage with a diverse student population

Student Leader Testimonials

  • "Being part of a great team, Having wonderful supervisors to work for, and above all, being able to help the students academically and emotionally" - Peer Tutor
  • "It is extremely rewarding to see students mature and gain confidence as they master the courses. One student came to me out of desperation and ended up getting a grade over 80% on his next test". - Peer Tutor
  • "Being a P.A.S.S. leader is altogether an invaluable experience. I not only improved my leadership skills but also my collaboration skills. This experience has equipped me with all the necessary skills to deal with bundles of people in the real world with different cultures and backgrounds. Thanks to the wonderful people at LSC who gave me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students." – P.A.S.S. Leader

Contact Us

Have questions? Contact the Learning Support Centre at:

  • Email lsc [at]
  • Call (905) 575-1212 Ext 3279


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Tutoring courses in your program
Tutoring communications courses and writing consultations
Tutoring math courses
Facilitating study skills workshops and appointments
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leaders provide group study sessions for challenging courses including: MATH 10083, MATH 10084, MATH 10037, MATH MA179, and COMP 10001
Which semesters are you applying for? (Select all that apply)
Briefly provide any work, prior tutoring, facilitation or student leadership experience you may have. If you have been employed at Mohawk College in the past, please indicate your position and experience. If none, do you have any work, volunteer or family experiences you can relate to this position?

The reference must be a Mohawk College instructor or staff member. Indicate name, title, and contact information. Providing this information is optional during the application process, but references may be requested if you are selected for an interview.