Future Ready Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

The Future Ready Loyalty Card is a tool that enables Mohawk College to build relationships with members of vulnerable youth in the community who typically would not pursue postsecondary education. The card and its benefits are meant to promote affinity to the college and can help minimize financial barriers that deter participation.

Loyalty Card

Eligible participants will have the opportunity to earn up to 1,000 points by participating in identified events endorsed by Mohawk College. The Loyalty Card has no redeemable cash value and is non-transferable to any other individual or institution. In order to redeem the value of the Loyalty Card, participants must be registered at Mohawk College in an approved full- time Certificate or Diploma post-secondary program and must meet the eligibility requirements below. Any eligible individual can register for and redeem from one account only. The maximum bursary amount to be received by any individual will be $1,000. The redemption value of the Loyalty Card will be remitted to the participant in the form of a bursary.

Applying for a Card

Individuals interested in obtaining a Mohawk College Future Ready Loyalty Card can complete an application form online or complete an authorized form distributed at Loyalty Card events. A parent/legal guardian will need to sign if the card holder is under the age of 18.

An application is not a guarantee that a Loyalty Card will be approved and issued.

Mohawk will review the application to determine if it is within the context of this program. Once that determination is made, the Loyalty Card will be established and the card will be sent to the applicant. Once the card has been issued, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to register their participation in approved activities by producing their Loyalty Card during the activity.

Programs Covered

Individuals may qualify for the Mohawk College Loyalty Card benefits if they register in an approved Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities full-time postsecondary program at any Mohawk College campus location. Programs delivered though partner institutions, apprenticeship in-school training, and any course or program activity for which the registrant is not required to pay a tuition fee, are excluded from this incentive program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students who are currently enrolled in Mohawk College programs are not eligible to participate;
  • Card holders must apply to the College through the regular admission process: no preferred admission status will apply;
  • Card holders must be registered in a full-time qualifying postsecondary program in the semester/year the funds are awarded;
  • This program is available to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Protected Persons who have resided in of Ontario in the previous 12 months;
  • Card holders must complete an application demonstrating financial need at the time of redemption;
  • These funds do not disqualify the participant from other bursaries or loans administered by Financial Assistance;
  • In accordance with the Income Tax Act, students will receive a T4a for the bursary amount.

Reward Points Redemption

Card holders must self-identify and apply for redemption of points through the Financial Assistance office by submitting an application demonstrating financial need. Points accumulated on the Mohawk College Loyalty Card will be converted and allocated to the registered student. Funds will be disbursed in one semester, either first or second, following confirmation of eligibility.

Loyalty Card Expiration

The student’s loyalty points must be fully redeemed (100% of points value) at the moment they register as a first year postsecondary student. Once fully redeemed, the Future Ready Loyalty Card is rendered null and void. Loyalty points will expire two (2) years from September 30th of a student's expected high school graduating year.

Withdrawal Policy

College withdrawal policies apply. Loyalty Card bursary funds will be returned to the College if the student withdraws, not to the student. The Loyalty Card points have no redeemable cash value. Please visit the Mohawk College Withdrawal and Refund Policy for more details.

Student Responsibilities

Upon admission into the college, all students contractually agree to be governed by the rules and regulations of the College. Nothing in this document is intended to override the responsibility of all registered students to respect the College’s rules and regulations (including those related to registration, academic progression, academic probation, academic suspension and disciplinary suspension.)

For more information, visit the Mohawk College Student Policies and Procedures page.

The College reserves the right to limit and/or suspend the delivery of this incentive program at any time.