GoMohawk App

Tour the College. Find Mo the Hawk.

go mohawk app

We invite you to try the new GoMohawk app, our virtual tour of Mohawk College. While you explore the college, you will also be searching for "Mo the Hawk" who has gone missing. While you look for Mo, you will learn about the college, tour classrooms, labs, the fitness centre, common areas and more!

The app was made at Mohawk by students and faculty for you; it is a great introduction to what goes on at the number one college in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area!

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About the app

Top 5 reasons to try the new GoMohawk app:

  1. Experience the amazing Fennell Campus
  2. Meet our virtual students who will be your guide, share tips and provide details about what to expect at Mohawk
  3. Learn where you can get help when you first arrive at the college
  4. Check out the Athletics Centre
  5. Have fun finding Mo the Hawk as you tour the college!

What will you see in GoMohawk?

Mohawk's Fennell Campus is located in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and is our largest campus. GoMohawk will introduce you to student spaces, services areas, classrooms and labs including:

  • The Square – the home for student services
  • Mohawk Transit Terminal
  • Food court and ONE Card office
  • The Library, Collaboratory and Techbar
  • The Arnie and the Mohawk Students' Association (MSA) services
  • The David Braley Athletic & Recreation Centre (DBARC)
  • Learning Resource Centre and computer labs
  • Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre (AMRC), our high-tech 3D printing lab
  • mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC), home of the GoMohawk app creators!
  • ...and more!

How to download

The app can be downloaded from:

Apple Store Logo Google play Logo


Can I install the app on my laptop or personal computer?

  • No, the app has been designed only for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets

Does Mohawk collect information about me or my use of the app?

  • No, Mohawk does not collect or store any personal data from the app

How do I move around in the app?

  • Touch and hold any single finger on the screen to navigate through the scene
  • Slide your finger to the left or right to look and move in that direction
  • To interact with characters, look for arrows above their heads

How do I know where to go next in the game?

  • You can gain information about where to go next by interacting with the characters highlighted by an arrow above their head

Why do some characters have an arrow above their head?

  • The arrows indicate characters that are important to your progression through the app
  • If you see an arrow above a character's head, interact with them to gain information as to where you should go next or where Mo the Hawk is

Why does the interaction icon NOT appear for all characters?

  • Only characters with important information about Mohawk College or the location of Mo the Hawk have interaction abilities
  • If you do not see the blue interaction icon on the right side of the screen while looking at a character in the game they are not an interactive character

How do I interact with other characters in the app?

  • Once you locate the character whom you would like to interact with, a blue icon will appear on the right side of the screen
  • Touch the blue icon to initiate dialog the character

Why do I NOT hear any sound when characters are speaking in the app?

  • Make sure that your volume is turned up on your device

Can I go back to a scene I have already accessed?

  • No, this app is meant to be a guided tour of Mohawk College where the user will learn about areas of the college that are important to student life while also trying to help your guide find the college mascot, Mo the Hawk

How do I apply to Mohawk College?

How can I learn more about the app designers?

  • Visit our MEDIC website for information about this exciting area of the college.

Where can I go to report an issue with the app?

Is there an accessible option?

The GoMohawk app is equipped with closed captioning as well as audible voice for most text a user will interact with. Users may also take advantage of the built-in accessibility features found on their Apple (opens new window) or Android (opens new windows) device. You may also experience a descriptive, text-based tour of the app here.