GoMohawk App Transcript

Student starts app

Mohawk logo loads (and any partners that may have contributed financially to the making of the app) screen fades to the game logo (in design process maybe help from marketing) which fades to the opening scene of the game.

Opening scene:

Scene fades into view of Mohawk College Fennell Campus view Collaboratory entrance from Fennell.

Student leader highlighted by arrow to indicate to player that they should interact.

Student leader at doors of Mohawk College (H-Wing):

Student Leader - “Hi! Welcome to Mohawk College. I am a Mohawk student leader and will help you navigate the college. There are a few things that you should take care of immediately before venturing any further into the college. I have a list of activities we should do, but I will let you choose where we go from here. Please click on the item you would like to complete.”

[List of choices appears to the left of student leader]

  • Assessment for Success [dev change]
  • Accommodations while at College
  • Diversity on Campus

Assessment for Success - “At Mohawk College we use Assessments for Success to assess your skills and help you succeed? they do not affect your offer of admission in any way. Completing your assessment early will help you succeed by ensuring that you are placed in the communications course that is right for you. And, depending on your program, may even exempt you from one or more of your required communications courses. As well, if your program requires Math, the assessment will determine any recommended developmental work and may be used to determine exemption eligibility. Assessments for success are booked by students through MyMohawk. Get them done early so you’ll have more options for your timetable!”

[Accommodations] Student leader - “In Hamilton, and at Mohawk College there are many living options. You can live on-campus in shared rooms. You can live off-campus with friends, or rent a room in a house. One thing you should be sure to do is make sure you know what at which campus your program is delivered. Having an apartment close to campus will help in your success and involvement on campus.

The team at the Student Engagement office are here to help you with your decision-making process.”

[Diversity] Student leader - “At Mohawk College, we celebrate diversity and respect individual religious beliefs. It is with this in mind that the college provides places like Social Inc located in room G112 and a Non-Denominational Place of Pause and Reflection located in A006C.” Places like these exist on campus so all students feel welcome and a part of the Mohawk College community.”

Once student visits each tab or opts out of visiting all tabs student leader gives a closing statement before moving on to next scene.

Student Leader - “We have a lot happening on campus today, and many places to visit. Hey! I was wondering if you could help me along on our way through the college. It is Day 1 of the semester and our mascot, Mo the Hawk, is nowhere to be found. Could you help us find him? You would be a lifesaver if you could help get him back on track.”

“This is what Mo looks like, [show image of Mo] if you see him we have to catch him so keep your eye open!”

“OK. Well let’s take a look at some areas of the college that will be important to you during your stay and find Mo the Hawk!”

Student Leader - “Why don't we start our tour right here? This is the H-Wing. In this wing you’ll find the library is as well as the TechBar, not to mention some great places to meet friends, or work on coursework


[Info on eLearn, MyMohawk, Microsoft Office/365, WiFi highlighted on screens in TechBar]

Student working at TechBar (Male) - “If you have any questions about the technology we use at Mohawk College, this is where you would come for assistance. Get connected to MyMohawk and eLearn or stop by for WiFi and software advice. Ask about Library tools and workshops to help you improve your digital skills.”

“There are Tech Bars and a library at all three of the college's campuses.”

Student in hallway (Female) - “If you are ever wondering what is happening on campus or in the community you can always check the bulletin boards in the hallways.”

Student in Hallway (male) - Hey! I am a student volunteer with the Mohawk College Sustainability Office. Our mission is to help make Mohawk College more environmentally friendly, and to make sustainability part of our community’s daily life. The Sustainability Office offers lots of on-campus programs and initiatives that give students the chance to participate in sustainability at Mohawk. Think you could help me sort these items into their correct bins for recycling? Let’s see how good you are at knowing where these items belong! ”

Student waves or whistles for second interaction - ”Hey! If you are looking for Mo the Hawk you should try searching the Collaboratory on the second floor of the library that is a very popular place to hang out and work with friends.

Student leader - “If you’re looking for a study space this is the place to come! From quiet and silent study in the Cummings Library to bookable group study table with digital screens available in the Collaboratory, there is a space here for everyone.”

Student in Collaboratory sandbox area - “These group work areas can be booked through the library website they are an awesome place to work and study in groups while on campus.”

Student standing at computer (with student sitting at computer) - “Hey this is a great space to get your coursework done isn’t it - If you are ever looking for help in a course, make sure to visit the library where subject specialists can show you onsite and online resources for your program. You can also link to your program subject guide to save time finding the best resources for your assignments. Available 24/7, online research resources include journals, magazines, eBooks, videos, and more!”

Student sitting on ledge (waving and saying “hey I think I can help you!”) - “I think I saw Mo as I was walking through E-Wing; it's where the 3D printing lab is. Mo loves hanging out there.”

Student Leader (getting the attention of the player somehow…) - It is great to have some many resources available to you while at Mohawk resources like these are available at all three campuses. So where are we off to next? [player given option of three areas]

~Map travel from collaboratory to E-Wing~


Student Leader - “Mohawk College is always updating the technology used on campus to allow students access to the most advanced learning environments. In this wing of the college you will find some of our innovative living labs, our 3D printing lab, robotics lab and the MEDIC research facility. Mohawk College has these kinds of living labs at all of its three campuses.

Feel free to look around the lab and E-Wing. Make sure to interact with people in the area to see if they have information about where Mo the Hawk is.

Student AMazeBot - “Interested in computer programming - Try out your skills in the AMazebot competition! It is open to all Mohawk College students from any campus. The goal is to write a program that will navigate a virtual robot (or "bot") through a maze to a target location within the maze while expending the least amount of energy. Try it out! Use the directional arrows to tell the bot where to go then hit start once you think you have the best path set.”


Player is free to walk around and engage with the environment. Character engages with individuals in MEDIC lab.

General Character in MEDIC Lab - “Did you know that the app you’re using right now was built in this lab by students and staff of the college?”

“Feel free to look around the lab. You might gain some hints as to where Mo the Hawk could be by speaking to people in the lab”

Interaction button appears that reads “ask” do you know where Mo the Hawk might be? Student clicks button to ask question.

(New character) General Character in MEDIC Lab - “I am not sure where Mo is but I know that he sometimes can be found at the Language and Culture Centre. You should check there next.”

Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre (AMRC)

Player is free to walk around and engage with the environment. Character engages with individuals in 3D printing lab.

Kharis - General Character in 3D Printing Lab (Female) - “Welcome to the Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre (AMRC). Within this lab we have 3D printers that not only print in plastics but also titanium, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, bronze, and other metals. This is one of only a handful of labs like this in Canada!

“Feel free to wander through the lab. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Mo the Hawk!.”

Interaction - If student approaches male lab assistant in room, button appears that reads “ask” do you know where Mo the Hawk might be? Player clicks button to ask question.

Aiden - General Character in 3D Printing Lab (Male) - “I am not sure to tell you the truth, the Square I think Mo was heading over to that area of the College today”

Interaction - Player hears whistle and sees student leader waving to them, Player approaches student leader, interact button appears.

Student leader - “so did you get any info on where Mo the Hawk might be?”

Interaction - student has the choice of yes or no.

Student chooses YES - selection of three areas of the college appear

Student leader - Great! Where are we off to next?

Player chooses one of three areas of the college and map travels there. Student chooses NO?

Student leader - “Maybe you should gather some more information in this area before we move on. Try to speak to one of the people in the lab”

~Map travel from E-Wing to The Square~

The Square:

Student Leader - “OK, this is The Square. This is where you can come if you have any questions or issues, be it with payments, timetables or student records. When you arrive at the square, make sure to take a ticket from the kiosk - this will get you to the right service right away. Each of the three Mohawk college campus’ have their own square with the same services so don't worry if you are not at this campus you will have access to all of Mohawk College’s services. Also, did you know most of our services are also available online? Check out MyMohawk, and walk through the simple steps, to take care of business (or something less cheesy”)

While the student leader is speaking to the player player view will fly through the square giving the player an overview of the area.

Front line staff (male) - “Hello and welcome to The Square! At The Square you can take care of most of your records and fees Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 6pm (Fridays till 4:30. Advising every day till 4:30) but if you are busy in class and can’t make it during those times you can also do a lot of this online as well. Come here I’ll show you.”

Cut scene to full screen computer (clicking and typing sounds needed) Full screen computer screen with MyMohawk?

Frontline staff shows the player what the landing page looks like on mymohawk.mohawkcollege.ca. (This scene is 100% animated. Player has no control).

Front line staff (male) - “On MyMohawk you can take care of anything you can at The Square pertaining to your records and fees.”

“Just access your Student Account tab from the MyMohawk landing page and you can pay your fees, view your timetable and even check what courses you have left to complete your diploma or certificate through the My Academic Progress tool or MAP for short”

Frontline staff (male) - “So as you can see no matter what your schedule is we have you covered at The Square, either online or face?to?face.”

“I look forward to seeing you on campus during the school year!”

Student is free to roam and interact with students in the square.

Shaun to edit Student #1 - “Hey! did you know that Mohawk College has three campuses? There is the Fennell campus that we are currently at, one at Mcmaster University and another in Stoney Creek.” come look here - I’ll show you where they are and how to get there.

Cutscene to full screen computer with map of Hamilton highlighting the three campuses.

Student #1 - “you can get to these campuses really easily by going to the Mohawk Transit Terminal.

Have you been there yet? It is where you will catch your bus to go downtown or anywhere else in Hamilton, like to our other campuses. Do you want to take a look and get some info?

Player provided with a yes or no answer choice. If student chooses yes they will map travel to a still of the MCTT with bus routes shown somehow... [dev]

Student #1 - “If you want to ride the bus in Hamilton it is a good idea to get your ONE Card. It is the card that acts as your student ID card, campus prepaid purchase card. Most importantly, if you are a full time student, your bus pass sticker is on it! I heard Mo the Hawk say he needed to have his picture redone on his ONE Card just a little while ago. You should get your picture uploaded and get your card.”

Frontline Staff - “Hello! over here!”

“At Mohawk College we work hard to support our students. We provide a ton of counseling services to make sure that our students make the best choices while they are here and are able to find the support that is necessary for them to be successful at college.”

“Feel free to head into the student service area behind me and meet with a representative to learn more about the services The Square provides and perhaps where Mo is.”

Support person - “Over here!”

“When you come to The Square you can access Advising Services through the kiosks in the lobby. On the kiosk you will be able to choose what service you are here to access. The selections include Admissions (either for applicants or if you’re just thinking about coming), Financial Assistance and, New Canadian and International advisors.”

“If you come to The Square for support from Counselling or Accessible Learning Services you should book your appointment online before coming to The Square to check in at the front desk.”

Student asks where’s Mo? - “He was just here! He thought he could take care of his One Card here. I assume he left for the One Card office.”

Student ventures back out to lobby area.

Student #2 - “Wow Mohawk College has a Walk Smart program! So if you are on campus late at night and don't want to walk to your car, bus, residence room or local household alone, there is a team of college volunteers who will join you on your walk home.”

Interaction - If student interacts a second time with staff member or generic character they have the ability to ask where Mo the Hawk is [Ability to interact is apparent].

2nd inter student #1 - “I am absolutely positive I heard him say he needed his picture retaken for his ONE Card. Try the ONE Card office.”

2nd inter student #2 - “He said something about his student card picture… worried about his beak looking too big, he said… “

Interaction - Player hears whistle or some other sound, and sees student leader waving to them, Player approaches student leader, interact button appears.

Student leader - “Well, any idea where Mo might be?”

Interaction - student has the choice of yes or no.

Student chooses YES - selection of three areas of the college appear

Student leader - Great! where is he?

Player chooses one of three areas of the college and map travels there. Student chooses NO?

Student leader - “Maybe you should gather some more information in this area before we move on. Try to speak to that student over there.”

Parking/ONE Card Office:

ONE Card office attendant - “Oh, hello. Are you here to get your ONE Card?”

Student has choice of yes or no

If yes - ONE Card attendant - “Can you please position yourself up against the wall on your right so we can take your picture?”

[student lines up with the camera and there is a flash.]

ONE Card attendant - “Great picture! Just give me a second and I'll get your card printed for you. Did you know that your ONE Card acts as your student ID card, your bus pass, activities pass and prepaid purchasing card on and off?campus? It is pretty important to have as a student at Mohawk College.”

“OK all done”

If no - ONE Card attendant - “Oh... OK. Well you should really consider getting your ONE Card. Did you know that it acts as your student ID card, your bus pass, activities pass and prepaid purchasing card on and off campus? It is pretty important to have as a student at Mohawk College.”

Student Leader - “You need to have a ONE Card! Every student must have one! Your ONE Card is your official identification card for Mohawk College. In addition to being your main identification on campus, your ONE Card can also be used for food purchases, purchases at the bookstore, printing and photocopying.

[Once student has their ONE Card]

Student can now ask if the attendant has seen “Mo the Hawk”

Interaction window opens student can ask “have you seen Mo the Hawk?”

ONE Card attendant - “He was here a while ago, you might want to try the Hoop Dance Installation outside H?Wing courtyard. It’s a lovely place to enjoy the weather. He could be there.”

Student Leader - “Just so you know, this office is also where you will take care of any parking related matters. So if you plan to drive to school regularly you’ll need to come here and get your parking pass so you don’t get a parking ticket. Did you get any info about where to look for Mo?

[student able to answer yes or no] Yes - Great where to next?

No - Perhaps you should go ask the persona at the one card desk if they know where Mo is.

ONE Card attendant repeats - “He was here a while ago, you might want to try the Hoop Dance Installation outside H-Wing courtyard. It’s a lovely place to enjoy the weather. He could be there.”

~Map travel from One Card Office to The Hoop Dance installation~

The Hoop Dance installation

Student Leader - “This is the The Hoop Dance installation. It is a tribute to Indigenous culture found on Mohawk’s Fennell Campus, it features an open air pavilion, a fire circle, a water garden and a traditional garden.”

“Conceived as a celebration of First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, The Hoop Dance is, in equal measure, a breathtaking living sculpture, a meeting place with seating for 60, a cultural learning place and a site well suited to host anything from traditional ceremonies to quiet meditation.”

Student inside Hoop Dance installation - “The hoopdance is a traditional way to tell stories of life. Within the dance, the hoop represents many things such as the cycle of life, the medicine wheel and the interconnectedness of all living things, just to name a few. The stories that are told through the dance vary depending on the dancer and so do the number of hoops used in the hoop dance.”

“Think you can keep up with the drumming from the hoop dance? Give it a try! Tap the drum to the beat! miss five beats and you’re out.”

Student leader? “Did you get any information about Mo’s whereabouts?” [Student will only answer no] “Ok, well let’s head over to the Wampum wall and see if he is anywhere in that location.”

~Map travel from The Hoop Dance installation to The Wampum Wall~

The Two-Row Wampum Wall

Student Leader - “This is the college's E?Wing, right in the center of this wing is the Aboriginal Centre & Lounge, its entrance is decorated by a great art display of a Wampum Belt. The Two?Row Wampum Wall was conceived to reflect the rich tradition and Indigenous artistry of the Wampum Belt.”

“Through long rows of hand crafted beads, the Wampum Belt was used to document and narrate Indigenous history, culture, traditions and laws. Mohawk College’s Two?Row Wampum Wall, replaces beads with a diverse collection of photographs linked together to deliver an inspirational narrative.”

“I don’t see Mo in this area, Let’s go check one of the academic offices.”

~Map travel from The Wampum Wall to The Academic Office~

Academic Office: Static

Student leader - “The academic office areas in the college are where you will come if you need to meet with your professors. Why don’t you speak with the Associate Dean over there to get more info. Don’t forget to ask if she has seen Mo!”

Associate Dean (female) - “Hello! Welcome to our academic office space. Most of the offices here at Mohawk College are accessible to students. The academic office area is where you will come if you need to meet your professor to talk about course information and lecture material outside of class time. there are also student success advisors (SSA’s) within each academic area to help you if you need extra support. At Mohawk College, you are able to contact your professors to discuss any issues you may have in the course. If you need some help with an academic issue, they are here to help, or to point you in the direction of the right resource or support. So come and visit us. Our doors are always open (during business hours).”

[Student presented with interaction button] Student can ask if the AD has seen Mo

Associate Dean (female) - No I haven’t seen Mo today. Mo should be at this event though (shows flyer for Welcome Week events). Perhaps you should check out a classroom or two. Mo likes to sit in on lectures from time to time.

[As student is speaking to the AD Mo walks from an office to the hallway in funny sneaking manner.]

~Map travel from to The Classroom~


Professor (Male) - Oh hello, I wasn't expecting any students in this classroom 

Student leader - “Hello Professor, I am taking a new student on a tour through the college as we hunt for Mo the Hawk. I thought I would show my new friend what a typical classroom looks like here at the college.”

Profesor Male - “That's great! Well maybe I can give you some insight into what is expected of a college student at Mohawk.”

“Mohawk College is a blended institution. What this means is that almost every course delivered at the college has at least one hour a week of online material combined with two hours of in?class material.”

“Come here, let me show you what our learning management system looks like.” [scene cuts to computer screen with a generic elearn structure]

“We use eLearn to enhance your learning. This is what the Navigation bar will look like in all of your courses on eLearn. Some courses may have extra options but every course will have these basics.”

“I will give you a few quick tips on how to be successful at Mohawk. Then I had better get back to my work.”

  1. Make sure that you have the digital skills that are required of you at college. We have all sorts of tools on our library website to make sure you are aware and ready for the technology you will use at Mohawk College.
  2. Make sure that you always submit your own work! It is okay to work with others when permitted by your professor, but always be sure that the work you submit for grading is not anything like your friend’s submission! If your work is the same or too similar to your friend’s, you could be charged with plagiarism which is a serious academic offence.
  3. Lastly, make sure you have your course schedule when you buy your textbooks. Many books are not returnable once you remove their packaging. And remember that custom courseware is never returnable once purchased.
  4. Make sure that you take advantage of the Learning Resource Centre located in C127 here at the Fennell campus. There are lots of programs in place to help you with your academic life. Even Mo the Hawk is in there from time to time.

Geoff - “There is so much for you to learn here at the college! It is an exciting time for you. It’s important to take your studies seriously - but it’s just as important to make time for fun. Playing sports, volunteering, or hanging out with some of your new friends at the student centre are all part of the college experience. There’s never a dull moment at Mohawk!”

Student leader - “Well that was a lot of great information, did you get any tips as to where Mo may be?”

Player chooses yes or no, if yes choice of where to next appears

Student leader - “Where to next then?”

Learning Support Centre:

Student leader - “This is the Learning Support Centre or LSC for short. This area of the college is a great asset for students. Go check out the area and make sure to ask if they have seen Mo!”

Front Line Staff Female - “Hello! Welcome to the Learning Support Centre. We provide a ton of services that are important to student academic success at the college.”

“We have a Math Learning Centre where you can improve your math skills. That will help you set a great foundation for the classroom.”

“We also run a Writing Centre where you can gain access to personal writing consultations for help on everything from citation, listening and reading all the way to ESL resources and conversation clubs.”

“These are only two of the services we provide here; there are many more! Take some time to walk around and learn about the rest of the services we provide.”

Peer Tutor (Female) - “Hey! How are you? Are you looking to book a tutoring session for one of your classes?”

[Interaction option “ What is a peer tutor?” only.]

Peer Tutor (Female) - “Peer tutors provide additional assistance in your academic subjects. For example, we could help you one-on-one with your course content through tutoring sessions or provide you with great tips for studying course material on your own. The best part is that all of our services are covered with your program fees!”

Student in study desk space (male) - “These study desks are great aren’t they? you can come here to

get your work done during the day! You get computer and internet access too!”

Students in front of stairs to food court - At the bottom of these stairs is the college’s food court it is a great place to grab a coffee or sit down to have breakfast or lunch. There are many food options to choose from.

Student centre (G-Wing):

Student Leader Intro - Now this is a great wing of the college! This area is entirely run by the Mohawk Students’ Association, or MSA for short.

  • The MSA office is the place on each campus where you can come and get help from your elected student leaders, if you have issues with some aspect of your college life or ideas for improvements.
  • And they offer great services to students like the bus pass, health plan, food bank, emergency loans, etc.
  • Oh, and did I mention the activities - From clubs to common hour events, great pubs and concerts, there’s lots of activities to enjoy with friends

MSA Rep (Male) - Hey there,do you want to buy a ticket to the concert this Thursday? It’s going to be a great time. Events like these are a great way to meet new people!

MSA Rep (Female) - The MSA always has something happening on campus. If you are wondering what is going on all you have to do is checkout mohawkstudents.ca for a full calendar of events!

MSA Rep - Basketball Game - At Mohawk we have tons of athletic activities happening on campus all the time. To find out what is happening on campus visit the athletics and recreation page at Mohawkcollege.ca. Think you can make five baskets in a row? Give it a shot!

[Posters for Social Inc and annual MSA events on walls. Maybe have a student with an MSA shirt on running a booth selling tickets for an event. vending machines that work whatever else we can work in here. There should be LOTS of students in this area]

Chasing Mo scene…

[Student is led to the doors to the Student Commons where Mo the Hawk is seen dancing around. Student leader tells player that they will have to catch Mo to get him to the event in the gym.

Initiates the “chase Mo scene” where the player is trying to capture Mo as Mo dodges them until he is out of breath]

Student leader - “ok, you are going to have to help me catch Mo! Run after him! We have to get him to the gym!” GO!

“Great Job! Now let’s make sure that Mo actually gets to where he needs to be.”


“This is the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre or “DBARC” for short. There are 3 gymnasiums, a fitness centre, multi-purpose studio, and an indoor track within the walls of the DBARC. Outside, you’ll find basketball and beach volleyball courts. These are all available to every student at all Mohawk College regardless of their home campus because you all have a ONEcard!”

“Alright, well it is getting pretty loud. Mo is exactly where he needed to be!! You did it! This is the College Welcome, the most important day of your academic career! (besides graduation day of course) it happens every semester! Don't worry; you'll be at your College Welcome soon enough! Thanks for your help finding Mo!”