GIFT Conference

October 11 – 1:00 – 4:00 via asynchronous sessions

October 12 – 9:00 am – 4:00 in person at the Fennell Campus

The GIFT (Great Ideas for Teaching) event is Mohawk College’s annual peer-learning conference where faculty and staff share their innovative ideas, educational strategies, and techniques, as well as their successes and challenges. In support of Mohawk College’s Strategic Plan, this Fall’s conference will focus on the digital transformation of teaching and learning. The diverse college-wide community will engage in conversations about optimizing technology, mobilizing capacity, and leveraging technology to increase post-secondary access and contribute to an agile learning scape.

Keynote presentations will overview the College’s commitment to the Digital Learning Strategy (Oct 11) and Tips for Approaching Technology (Oct 12). Additional sessions at this year’s conference will include virtual (live & on-demand), hyflex, and in-person workshops presented by Mohawk College staff, faculty, administrators, and our collaborative partners. Tours of College collaborative spaces, demonstration of a variety of technologies and applications, and a virtual Gather space, will also be featured.