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The mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) conducts digital health applied research, provides advanced skill development services, and leads the design, development and testing of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, patient health records (PHR) systems, clinical assessment tools, and patient-facing mobile and web application development and device integration. MEDIC’s Digital Health User Experience Lab, the only one of its kind in southern Ontario, supports MEDIC’s usability research team to offer customized user-testing and validation of new and existing products and solutions.

Globally recognized for its expertise in Digital Health since 2009, MEDIC partners with government institutions, public health teams, clinician groups, researchers, NGOs, and commercial software vendors to accelerate the development of interoperable and secure healthcare IT solutions. MEDIC is Canada’s Digital Health Technology Access Centre.


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Product Development (Tooling)

MEDIC supports new technology development at every stage of the development process, from supporting the design of the concept to developing a working proof of concept. For partners with existing products, MEDIC assists with process improvements as well as product redesign in accordance with international digital health standards.

Testing and Validation Services

MEDIC supports the development and deployment of new digital health products and the enhancement of existing software solutions. Services include technology and workflow consultation, concept valuation, product evaluation and validation as well as field trials and simulation testing.


MEDIC hosts industry-focused workshops and customized corporate training focused on advancing technical knowledge in digital health topics, such as FHIR and interoperability. 

Labs & Equipment

Our facilities host a wide range of hardware, software and digital assets. 

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Health Systems Interoperability Lab

MEDIC Servers

The Health Systems Interoperability Lab is a centre of expertise for healthcare systems interoperability. The digital assets of the lab support interoperability with systems such as the open IHE sandbox infrastructure (Cross Enterprise Document Exchange (XDS), Patient Identity Cross Referencing (PIX), Patient Demographic Query (PDQ), and Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)). The team also has extensive experience with FHIR.

Mobile Device Experimental Lab

Two people working in the MEDIC Lab

The Mobile Device Experimental Lab supports prototyping, testing and validation of mobile digital health software solutions. The lab contains over 100 mobile devices and peripherals to facilitate the testing of diverse consumer and clinical mHealth solutions.

Digital Health User Experience Lab

MEDIC researchers testing devices

MEDIC’s Digital Health User Experience Lab, the only one of its kind in southern Ontario, supports MEDIC’s usability research team to offer customized user-testing and validation of new and existing products and solutions. It is affiliated with Mohawk's Digital Accessibility Lab in order to support accessibility user-testing and legislative compliance.

Aging, Community and Health Research Unit Logo

My Stroke Team (MyST)

Researchers at McMaster University’s Aging, Community and Health Research Unit (ACHRU) developed My Stroke Team (MyST). They asked MEDIC to create an app for the program that would allow patients and their caregivers to communicate, make decisions and arrange care in their own homes and communities.

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Innovation Lab

Available between 2016-2020, The Innovation Lab, was a sandbox environment that allowed digital health developers to work through a significant part of their R&D development. eHealth Ontario (now Ontario Health) asked MEDIC to lead the creation of the simulated environment.

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GERAS Centre for Aging Research Logo


The GERAS Centre for Aging Research developed a concept for an innovative digital health solution called the Fit-Frailty App: a customizable, interactive assessment tool. The research team asked MEDIC to provide the technical expertise needed to design and develop the app.

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m-Health Solutions

MEDIC partnered with m-Health Solutions to improve cardiac care for heart disease and stroke patients. Using Alberta as a proving ground, m-Health Solutions worked with Mohawk College to test an innovative mobile cardiac monitoring device that can be remotely monitored in real-time.

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Jeffrey McIsaac Headshot

Jeffrey McIsaac, Acting General Manager, MEDIC & Dean, Applied Research

As the Interim General Manager of MEDIC, Jeff's role is to support the staff, students and industry partners engaged in applied research projects. Jeff holds an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo, with specializations in materials science and metallurgy. Jeff has held teaching and research positions most recently at Mohawk College as the General Manager of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre and is co-owner of a number of patents. He has held senior positions in a number of sectors including materials manufacturing and cyber security and is an entrepreneur, starting and owning a number of his own companies between 2001 and 2014.

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MEDIC is part of IDEAWORKS, Mohawk’s active hub of applied research and innovation. IDEAWORKS accelerates Canadian and global innovation by supporting industry access to expert researchers, specialized facilities and world-class technologies. 

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