Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI)

General Information Eligibility:

Any student who self-identifies as a First Nations, Inuit, Métis (FNMI), status or non-status person is eligible to apply for an Indigenous Student Award (FNMI) - students can self-identify in Aboriginal Education & Student Services in A114, Fennell Campus. If you were in receipt of an Aboriginal Post-Secondary and Training Award (PSET) awarded by Mohawk College – Financial Aid, Six Nations Polytechnic or OSTTC – in the Fall or Winter semesters of the academic year, you are not eligible to receive an award from AESS. 

By applying for an Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI), you are accepting the following conditions:

Your name, student number and relevant contact information will be shared with Six Nations Polytechnic and OSTTC to cross-reference bursary recipients to ensure that no one person is in receipt of more than one bursary/award. In addition, some of the content you include in your Application Letter may be shared during the evening of the Awards Dinner to inspire students and the community with your story. 

Deadline for submission is 4:30pm on Friday February 9, 2018 for all items. 
Incomplete applications OR applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be accepted or considered for an award.
If you do not attach your Application Letter and Reference Letter(s) to your Online Application Form, they must be submitted via email to aess [at] by the deadline. All awards communication will be done via MyMohawk – it is students’ responsibility to check their MyMohawk for updates. 

To apply for an Indigenous Student Award (FNMI):

To complete your application and be considered for an Indigenous Student Award, the following three items are required to be submitted by each applicant: an Online Application Form, Application Letter and at least one Reference Letter. 

1. Complete and submit the Online Application Form. ***Please note: If you have your Application Letter and Reference Letters ready at this time, you have the option to attach them to your Online Application Form and submit all at once. Guidelines are below for the Application Letter - deadline for all items is Friday February 9, 2018 at 4:30pm. 

If you do not attach your Application Letter and Reference Letters to the Online Application Form, please see steps 2 - 4 in order to complete your Indigenous Student Award Application and be considered for an award. 

2. Write a typed Application Letter (min 1 page). Please see below for Guidelines on what to include in the Letter.

3. Obtain Reference Letters from Volunteer Work, Community Members or Faculty. At least one must be submitted and should outline & reflect your involvement in the community.

4. Submit your Application Letter and scanned Reference Letters by email to aess [at] no later than 4:30pm on Friday February 9, 2018.

Application Letter Guidelines

1 – Who you are, where you’re from, why you are a Mohawk College student.

2 – Your dedication to your future career and Aboriginal community.

3 – Describe and give examples of your volunteer experience.

4 – Describe and give examples of your community involvement.

5 – Describe any extracurricular activities, additional interests & passions.

6 – Conclusion – Why do you deserve an award?

Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI) 2018 List

1. Academic Proficiency Award
- Highest grade average.

2. Inspiring Youth Award
- Demonstrates exemplary behaviour and success both academically and personally that are seen as an inspiration to our Aboriginal youth.

3. School Spirit Award
- Demonstrates participating in groups, sports and events at Mohawk College beyond academic studies.

4. Sara Smith Award
- Demonstrates strong overall success in academic, personal and community involvement.

5. Community Involvement Award
- Demonstrates active participation within the Aboriginal community to promote and inspire our people.

6. Amber Skye Memorial Award
- A student enrolled in PNAC who has demonstrated academic and personal success.

7. “Keepers of the Four Directions” Awards (4 in total – one student per award)
- Students selected based on the direction in which they have travelled to our institution. Demonstrate academic success and financial need for continued success.

8. “Vision Like a Hawk” Award
- Demonstrates a clear vision of the direction they are taking beyond their academic studies. Has a strong sense of self awareness and demonstrates through all aspects of their life that they will have continued success.

9. Perseverance Award
- Student who has demonstrated commitment, pride and a positive attitude in pursuit of their post-secondary education despite obstacles.

10. “Keeper of the Fire” Award (2 awards in total – one student per award)
- Helps to maintain respect and understanding amongst the students within the lounge. Keeps the fire going through leadership and guidance.

14 Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI) in total 


Submit your Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI) Online Application

Complete step one of your Indigenous Student Award (FNMI) Application via the online form, linked below.

Check out complete list of steps under the ``To apply for an Indigenous Student Award (FNMI)`` section above.

The Indigenous Student Awards (FNMI) is now closed.