Mechanical Technician - Elevating Devices Co-op Overview

Students interested in the co-operative program (684) do not apply directly. Once enrolled in program 484, students can apply to the co-op stream (684) during Semester 2 and will be admitted at the end of Semester 2, if they meet the co-op requirements.

**Please note that the optional Co-op program is suspended until further notice.**

Co-op Format (Fall Intake)

September to December January to April May to August
Semester 1 Semester 2 Vacation
Semester 3 Work Term 1 (Co-op) Work Term 2 (Co-op)
Work Term 3 (Co-op) Semester 4  

Co-op Format (Winter Intake)

January to April May to August September to December
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Work Term 1 (Co-op) Work Term 2 (Co-op) Work Term 3 (Co-op)
Semester 4    

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Work Term Capabilities

(which do not reflect individual work experiences & exposures)

  • Interpret electrical and electronics drawings
  • Assemble, test, modify, and maintain electrical circuits and equipment
  • Electrical code and electrical wiring practices; conduit bending and installation
  • Calibrate and maintain instruments or devices in the operation of electrical motors, generators
  • Install and troubleshoot static and rotating electrical machines and associated control systems used in elevators
  • Use, verify, and maintain elevator equipment
  • Assist in commissioning, testing and troubleshooting elevator systems under the supervision of a qualified person
  • Digital and analogue circuits troubleshooting
  • Experience with industrial logic and sensors, and 3-phase motor and control
  • Technical support, field service, component sourcing and purchasing
  • Technical writing
  • Small scale construction projects & use of tools
  • Fixed speed AC and DC motor control systems analysis, testing and troubleshooting
  • Evaluation testing and modification of elevator systems and metering
  • Evaluation, testing and modification of elevator automation systems
  • Design, test and modify variable speed AC and DC drive systems
  • Analyse, test & design closed loop industrial control systems using analog and digital elements
  • Interpretation and analysis of electrical/electronic power
  • Protection and control system schematics
  • System modifications and schematic preparation
Co-op Pay Range Co-op Pay Average
Range: TBA Average: TBA

For further information, please contact:

Rachel Alfano, Co-op Specialist
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 5045
Email: rachel.alfano [at] (Rachel Alfano)