Research and Projects

Research. Solutions. And everything in between. 

IDEAWORKS fills the space between research and solutions by delivering customized support to organizations.

Innovation helps organizations grow. In some instances, what’s needed to achieve success is not available within the organization. Enter IDEAWORKS, Mohawk’s active hub of applied research and innovation. As an active hub of applied research and innovation, we provide our industry and community partners access to faculty and staff expertise, an inspired student workforce, exceptional facilities and top technology.  Learn more about IDEAWORKS.

Engage in community-based research

City School by Mohawk has a specific employer engagement strategy that integrates demand-led planning, occupational analysis, and customized competency and skills training that responds directly to industry sector workforce needs. Leveraging specialized curriculum, alternative delivery strategies and micro-credentialing, the college has established an agile and responsive talent development framework that provides high value to both employers and job-seekers. Learn more about City School's employer engagement.

Collaborate on your next advertising campaign

Operating within the McKeil School of Business, The Agency brings students from a variety of programs together to develop marketing and communication solutions for selected non-profit organizations and start-up companies in the greater Hamilton area. Visit The Agency website to learn more.

Explore climate change solutions

The Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk connects students with local businesses to work on creative solutions to their greenhouse gas emission and sustainability challenges. Visit the Centre for Climate Change Management website to learn more

Participate in student projects

Many Mohawk programs include opportunities for employers and industry to work with students to solve an identified challenge, including: 

  • The Office is powered by students in the Office Administration program and the Business Analysis program, to provide accessible document production and data analysis for industry partners. tracey.kadish [at] (subject: The%20Office%20Inquiry) (Contact the Office)
  • The Writer's Room collaborates with film and media clients to give students the opportunity to develop and assess scripts. atul.rao [at] (Contact The Writer's Room)

Visit the Experiential Learning website for examples of past industry and community projects and to learn more