eLearn Support

eLearn guest account

Request an eLearn account for a sponsored external party

Available to: Employees

An employee can request a guest eLearn account for a sponsored external party, such as vendors, dual-credit students, and preceptors. Please do not request guest accounts for contract instructors.

Request an eLearn guest account (new window)

Bulk course enrollment

Enroll a bulk list of user into an eLearn course

Available to: Employees

Enroll a list of users in an eLearn course if the course or the users are not in Banner, or for enrollment in a Homeroom course for a specific area.

See eLearn Support for Faculty (new window)

Course cross-listing

Combine two or more course listings into one

Available to: Faculty

Cross-listing allows faculty to join two or more courses into a single course shell, and merge course materials and student lists.

For more information on using cross-listed courses

Request a new cross-listing (new window)