eLearn Dropbox

Use the Dropbox tool to submit digital copies of your assignments, view feedback from an instructor or view previously submitted files.

Best practices for naming files:

  • Follow your instructor's guidelines for naming assignment files
  • Files names should not contain spaces- use hyphens or underscores to replace spaces.
  • Do not use characters like slashes(/), ampersands (&), questions marks (?), quotation marks (") or asterisks (*).
  • It is good practice to include your name on all assignment files (Life-Happens-SmithJ.pdf)

Submitting an Assignment

Step 1: Select Assessment from the Navigation Bar, then select Dropbox.


Step 2: Find your assignment on the folder list. Open Dropbox folders have a blue hyperlink. If the assignment due date has passed, the Dropbox folder will have black text and a date indicating when the folder was closed.


Step 3: Click on the Add a File


Step 4: Choose the file

Most often, your file is stored on your computer which is the default selection.


Step 5: Submit the file


You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully submitted an assignment to Dropbox.

Dropbox Folder Options

dropbox options

  1. Dropbox Turnitin Enabled This icon indicates that your assignment will be checked for originality using Turnitin
  2. elearn group iconThe group folder icon will be shown beside any group assignment folder in Dropbox. Any student in the group can submit the assignment
  3. The score column is where you will find your grade.
  4. Click the number under the submission column to see the history of this Dropbox folder.
  5. dropbox view feedback iconView feedback from your instructor by clicking on the link found under the Feedback column
  6. Submission History for all Dropbox folders for this course is available by clicking on the View History button at the top of the Dropbox folder pane. For group Dropbox folders, you can check who submitted each file.

Dropbox Video Tutorial